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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Managing Editor's Report

Authors: Anne F. Wrona
Pages: 142-143
Editorial Notes

With almost five volumes (15 issues) posted, the Journal of Cotton Science includes a good sampling of the science of cotton. Since its inception in 1997, some disciplines have combined, others have changed their names, and 38 technical editors have rotated on and off the Board.

In 2001 Bayer Corporation and the Misener-Crown Foundation both contributed additional funding to that provided through The Cotton Foundation. Three different web contractors have worked to post the first two issues of Volume 5.

To date in 2001, 36 manuscripts have been received, 21 of them have been reviewed and 45% of those reviewed have been accepted. Two issues of Volume 5 have been published with seven (Issue 1) and nine (Issue 2) articles.

In 2000, 46 manuscripts were received (Table 3). Four issues of the Journal of Cotton Science were posted online in Volume 4. Total acceptance rate for 2000 submissions was 57%.

This issue of the Journal of Cotton Science is dedicated to the memory of Gary Herzog, one of our founding technical editors.