Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Cotton Physiology Conference
Table of Contents

Onset and Progression of the “Hollow Seed” (Seed Rot) Malady of South Carolina

J.R. Mauney, J. McD. Stewart, and Mike Jones

Physiological Consequences of Drought Stress in Cotton

Bill Pettigrew

Yield Consequences of the Last Effective Boll Designation

C. Owen Gwathmey

Effect of Night Temperatures on Plant Growth, Boll Development and Yield

L.M. Arevalo, D.M. Oosterhuis, D.L. Coker, and R.S. Brown

Remote Sensing for Site Specific Management of Biotic and Abiotic Stress in Cotton

N.R. Falkenberg, G. Piccinni, D.I. Leskovar, N.N. Troxclair, J.T. Cothren, and C.M. Rush

Desiccation and Regrowth Effects on Final Lint Quality of Commercially Harvested, Moduled, and Ginned Cotton

J.D. Siebert, A.M. Stewart, and T.D. Sims

Effects of Polymer Coatings and Density Separations on Cottonseed Viability and Vigor

Daniel B. Olivier, Norman Hopper, and Tom Wedegaertner

Soil, Leaf, and Spectral Indicators of Impending Water Stress

Glen L. Ritchie and Craig W. Bednarz

Uptake Dynamics of Foliar-Applied Potassium and Physiological Response of Cotton Grown under Water- and Potassium-Deficient Conditions

Dennis L. Coker, Derrick M. Oosterhuis, and Robert S. Brown

Cotton Response to Trimax™ Insecticide

Leah Hundley and J.T. Cothren

Evaluation of Cotton Germplasm Developed in the Past Century

S.N. Casteel, R.C. Nuti, R.P. Viator, R. Wells, and K.L. Edmisten

The Effect of an Upper Limit Temperature Threshold on Heat Unit Calculations, Defoliation Timing, Yield and Fiber Quality

D.D. Fromme, J.T. Cothren, and J.B. Bynum

Influence of Cultural Practices on Roundup Ready® Cotton in North Carolina

Russell Nuti, Shaun Casteel, Ryan Viator, and Keith Edmisten

Nodes above White Flower and Heat Units as Indicators of Harvest Aid Timing

Josh B. Bynum, J. Tom Cothren, Robert G. Lemon, and James R. Mahan

Evaluation of Physiological Responses of Modern versus Obsolete Cotton Cultivars under Water-Deficit Stress for Explaining Yield Variability

R.S. Brown, D.M. Oosterhuis, A. Bibi, M. Arevalo, and D.L. Coker

Evaluation of Organophosphate Insecticides on Performance of Transgenic and Conventional Cotton

Chris A. Hundley, J.T. Cothren, and H.R. Smith

Evaluation of Shafter Collection Cotton (Gossypium spp.) for Agronomic and Fiber Traits

Jimmy X. Zumba and Gerald O. Myers

Does a Different Plant Type Enhance Performance of UNR Cotton Production Systems?

Rose Roche, Michael P. Bange, Stephen P. Milroy, and Graeme L. Hammer

Performance of Texas Originating Germplasm in 2003 Midsouth Performance Evaluations

T.J. Lawhon

Fiber Quality Evaluation of Beltwide Cotton Genetics Cotton Varieties Grown in West Texas 2003

Jay Garretson

FiberMax LibertyLink® Varieties: Crop Tolerance to Glufosinate-Ammonium

Steve Hague

Cotton Lint Yield and Fiber Quality Response to Reduced Seeding Rates

Steve P. Nichols, Charles E. Snipes, and Normie Buehring

Comparison of Twin and Single Line Cotton Production Systems

Stephen H. Husman, William B. McCloskey, Kyrene White, Jeffrey Hamilton, Patrick Clay, Randy Norton, Eric Norton, and Mohammed Zerkoune

Plant Population Effects on Twin Line Cotton Production

Stephen H. Husman, William B. McCloskey, and Kyrene White

Plant Population Study on Double Row and Conventional 30" Cotton in Tulare County, California

Steve Wright, Gerardo Banuelos, Shelly Elam, Bob Hutmacher, Mark Keeley, Raul Delgado, and Anil Shrestha

Planting Date Effect on Variety Performance in the Coastal Plains in South Carolina

Shannon Crawley, Alan Coskrey, Tom Baugh, and Ken Lege

Weekly NDVI Relationships to Height, Nodes and Productivity Index for Low, Medium, and High Cotton Productivity Zones

T.C. Sharp, G. Evans, and A. Salvador

Image-Based, Variable Rate Plant Growth Regulator applied by Air to California Cotton

Matthew Bethel, David Lewis, Susan White, Ted Sheely, Bruce Roberts, Roger Hewitt, Mechel Paggi, and Nick Groenenberg

Variations in the need for Plant Growth Regulators in Louisiana Cotton

Joel Faircloth

Delta and Hill Test Results with Pentia Plant Growth Regulator, Mississippi, 2003

Dave Parvin and Joe Johnson

Mepiquat Formulation Evaluation in Southeastern Arizona

E.R. Norton and L.J. Clark

Timing of Pix Applications for Growth Suppression on Cotton in the Imperial Valley

Herman Meister

Response of PGR's on DP 555 BG/RR by Soil Type

John C. Coccaro, H. William McCarty, Alvin Rhodes, and H.R. Smith

Pentia™ Plant Regulator Results of the 2003 on Farm Studies Virginia and the Carolinas

Tom McKemie and Chandler Mazour

Pentia™ Plant Growth Regulator – A Texas Perspective

Scott Asher and Chandler Mazour

Pentia™ Plant Growth Regulator: Research to Demonstration to Farm

G.S. Stapleton

Chaperone on Cotton, A Three Year Study

Joe Townsend

ET™: Finding a Place at Home in West Central Texas Cotton

Billy E. Warrick

Effect of Lintplus Applied at 30% Open Bolls on Harvest Timing, Yield, and Lint Quality

Arturo Redes, Alan Dalrymple, Keith Griffith, Robert Hinkle, and Roy Parker

Aim EC Harvest Aid Results in Spindle Picker Cotton

T.I. Crumby, H.R. Mitchell, J.P. Reed, and J.C. Braun

Variability in Cotton Yield Components as Related to Seed Size

Craig W. Bednarz and Glen L. Ritchie

Metabolic and Reproductive Fitness of Heat-Stressed Cotton

John J. Burke

Do Modern Cultivars Require Higher Levels of Potassium Fertilization?

Michael A. Jones and James C. Camberato

The Influence of various Delinting and Priming Treatments on Cotton Seedling Emergence, Development and Yield

Bobbie McMichael, John Burke, Norman Hopper, and Tom Wedegaertner

Canopy Architecture Model for Cotton

Stephan J. Maas and Jonghan Ko

Genotype-Related Changes in Fiber Property Uniformity across Boll Locations

Gayle Davidonis, Kathryn Pusateri, Ann Johnson, W. David Caldwell, J. Ivan Dickson, and Donald Boquet

Effect of Ozone on Phloem Transport in Cotton

David A. Grantz and Allen K. Murray

Expression of Two Isoforms of the Antifungal Protein Osmotin from a Cotton Gene Cluster

Jeffery R. Wilkinson, Kimberly D. Spradling, David W. Yoder, Irma L. Pirtle, and Robert M. Pirtle

Analysis and Functional Expression of a Gene for a Cotton Fatty Acid Desaturase (FAD2-4)

Irma L. Pirtle, Stacy Park, Daiyuan Zhang, Mongkol Nampaisansuk, Svlvia Wanjie, Kent D. Chapman, and Robert M. Pirtle

Nitric Oxide Production in Cotton Callus

Stephen W. Banks, Dalton R. Gossett, Shantel A. Vital, Alvarro M. Virgen, and Juan Rodriguez

Salt Tolerance in Cotton Callus Tissue Transformed with Ascorbate Peroxidase, Glutathione Reductase, and Superoxide Dismutase

Dalton R. Gossett, Stephen W. Banks, Lisa Jones, Randy Allen, and Paxton Payton

Identification of (+)- 3-Hydroxy-α-Calacorene in Cotton and Kenaf

R.D. Stipanovic and L.S. Puckhaber

Adaptation of COTMAN for use in UNR Cotton

C. Owen Gwathmey, Josh B. Bynum, J. Tom Cothren, Keith L. Edmisten, Jack T. Reed, Ryan P. Viator, and Earl D. Vories

Are COTMAN's Compensation Capacity Values Set Too Low?

James F. Leser, Brant Baugh, Randy Boman, and Tommy Doederlein

Chaperone® Effects on Cotton Fruiting and Yield

Josh B. Bynum, J. Tom Cothren, and Robert G. Lemon

Chaperone™ Results from the Tri-State Delta

J.H. Lackey, D.M. Oosterhuis, and R.S. Brown

Comparison of Conventional and Twin-Row Production Systems on Cotton Growth and Development

W. James Grichar, Brent A. Besler, Robert G. Lemon, and D. Joel Pigg

Comparison of Mepiquat Penataborate and Mepiquat Chloride Effects on DP555BR

Philip Jost and Mike Dollar

Cotton Stalk Destruction with 2,4-D Herbicide

Robert Lemon, Danny Fromme, Rick Jahn, and D. Joel Pigg

Cotton Stalk Termination to Prevent Regrowth

Robert G. Lemon, D. Joel Pigg, Archie Abrameit, W.C. Robertson, J. Tom Cothren, and Ty Witten

Do Broadcast Applications of Glyphosate during Late Bloom Period Affect Roundup Ready Cotton?

Gary Hamm, Shaun Casteel, Russell Nuti, Ryan Viator, and Keith Edmisten

Double Row and Single Row Planting Pattern Comparisons in Acala Cotton in the San Joaquin Valley

R.B. Hutmacher, M.P. Keeley, R. Delgado, S.D. Wright, G. Banuelos, R.N. Vargas, T. Martin-Duvall, B.L. Weir, A. Shrestha, D.S. Munk, J. Wroble, B.H. Marsh, D. Burns, C. Michael, H. Wu, and G. Replogle

Effect of Adjuvants on KIH-9201 Defoliant

G.D. Wills, E.J. Jones, J.E. Hanks, and R.E. Mack

Effect of Irrigation and Herbicide Program on DP 444 BGRR® and SG 215 BR® Yield and Quality

C. Dale Monks, Charles H. Burmester, Dennis P. Delaney, and Michael G. Patterson

Effect of Spray Nozzle Type on Cotton Harvest Aid Performance

Mark Kelley, Randy Boman, Todd Baughman, Robert Lemon, and Joel Pigg

Effect of Trimax™ Insecticide on the Physiology, Growth and Yield of Cotton

Evangelos D. Gonias, Derrick M. Oosterhuis, and Robert S. Brown

Effects of Chaperone® on Cotton Yield in the Coastal Bend of Texas

C.J. Fernandez and C. Correa

Efficacy of Foliar Applications of Trimax™ Insecticide during Water-Deficit Stress on the Physiology and Yield of Cotton

R.S. Brown, D.M. Oosterhuis, and E. Gonias

Fiber Quality Assessment by Node Location in Texas Coastal Bend Narrow Row Cotton

Gayle Davidonis, Olga Richard, Ann Johnson, W. Bon Prince, Clinton Livingston, and Carlos Fernandez

Gene Expression in Developing Fibers as a Model for Water-Deficit Stress

Bill L. Hendrix, James McD. Stewart, and Thea A. Wilkins

Growth and Yield Responses to Mepiquat-Type PGRs in Tennessee

C. Owen Gwathmey and C. Chism Craig, Jr.

Increased Protein, Insect Mortality and Yield with Chaperone™

D.M. Oosterhuis and R.S. Brown

Insecticidal Effects on Fruiting and Yield Enhancement in Cotton

Brett M. Niccum, J.T. Cothren, Josh Bynum, and Tony Provin

Using a Digital Camera to Photography for making Replant Decisions Determine Survival of Cotton Seedlings and Early Expression of Bronze Wilt

Bobby J. Phipps, Andrea S. Phillips, and Bobby J. Tanner

The Physiological Response of Cotton to High Temperature for Germplasm Screening

Androniki C. Bibi , Derrick M. Oosterhuis, Robert S. Brown, and Fred M. Bourland

Physiological Responses of Insecticidal use on Cotton

Cy C. McGuire, J. Tom Cothren, and Josh B. Bynum

Planting Date and Variety Effects on Cotton Stand Establishment and Lint Yield

E. Clawson, D. Boquet, J. Caylor, and C. Shivers

Remote Sensing for Precision Agriculture in the Texas High Plains

Stephan Maas, Jerry Brighbill, and Jon Hooton

Seeding Rate Effects on Yield Response and Last Effective Boll Populations in Cotton

S.W. Halfmann, J.T. Cothren, and J.B. Bynum

Skip-Row Cotton Performance across Multiple Yield Environments

Philip Jost, Don Shurley, Steve Brown, Richard McDaniel, Bob McNeill, James Clark, and Ronnie Blackley

Timing the Last Irrigation using COTMAN in a LEPA Irrigation System

Tommy Doederlein, Brant Baugh, Randy Boman, and Dana Porter

The Crop Weather Analyzer: A Program to Evaluate Real-Time and Historical Implications of Temperature and Rainfall on Crop Development

T.J. Gerik, E.M. Steglich, L.L. Francis, J.H. Greiner, R. Srinivasan, W.L. Harman, and J.W. Stuth

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Access to Weather Data and Crop Management Tools

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring Cotton Development

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring Crop Water use and Growth in Cotton

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring DD60 Accumulation after 5NAWF and Predicting Defoliation Date

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

Using Interseed Rye to Enhance Rainfall Capture in Dryland Cotton Production

John Sij, Jason Ott, David Bordovsky, Brian Olson, and Todd Baughman

Lint Yield and Fiber Quality as Influenced by Endothall in Combination with Low Rate Defoliants

E.W. Rounds, J.T. Cothren, J.B. Bynum, and H.R. Smith

Solid, Skip, and Wide Row Configurations in MS Cotton

S.P. Nichols, C.E. Snipes, B.A. Burgess, T.P. Wallace, and W.H. McCarty

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