Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Cotton Improvement Conference
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The Gossypium of Mexico: Observations from Recent Collections Expeditions

J. McD. Stewart, M. Ulloa, A.E. Garcia-C.S. Godoy-A., and J.C. Soto

Evaluation of Uzbekistan and California Accessions: Characterization for Grin

Ted P. Wallace, Brenda F. Owens, and Gerald O. Myers

Genetic Relationships among U.S. Upland Cotton

Edward Lubbers, Peng Chee, Lloyd May, John Gannaway, and Andrew Paterson

Testing High Yield/Quality Interspecific Hybrid Cotton Varieties in the San Joaquin Valley

Dan Munk, Jon Wroble, Shane Ball, and Meir Gadisman

QTL Analysis of the Expression of the Low-Gossypol Seed and High Gossypol Plant Trait in the Progeny of the Gossypium hirsutum x G. raimondii x G. sturtianum Trispecific Hybrid

H. Ben Bouza, B. Mbaikar, J.P. Baudoin, G. Mergeai, M. Lacape, and B. Courtois

Genetic Amelioration of Gossypium arboreum through Introgression of Genes from G. hirsutum

V.N. Kulkarni and B.M. Khadi

Recombination and Somatic Elimination of a Gossypium australe Chromosome in G. Hirsutum

D. Sarr, J.P. Baudoin, and G. Mergeai

Changes in Genetic Diversity of U.S. Upland Cotton

Peng Chee, Edward Lubbers, Lloyd May, John Gannaway, and Andrew Paterson

Characterization of a Population of Introgressed Recombinant Inbred Lines for Agronomic and Fiber Quality Traits

Richard G. Percy, Jinfa Zhang, and Roy Cantrell

QTL Mapping of Agronomic and Fiber Quality Traits in Cotton using AFLPs

M.W. Akash and G.O. Myers

High Resolution Mapping of Fertility Restorer Genes for Cytoplasmic Male Sterility in Cotton

Jit B. Baral, Yingzhi Lu, Jinfa Zhang, Chunda Feng, and J. McD. Stewart

Genetic Distance among Cotton Cultivars used in the Development of Random Mating Populations based on SSR Markers and Coefficient of Parentage

Osman A. Gutiérrez, Johnie N. Jenkins, Jack C. McCarty, Jr., Daryl T. Bowman, and Clarence E. Watson, Jr.

Molecular Characterisation and Assessment of the Resistance to the Renifom Nematode of an Interspecific Hybrid Involving Gossypium hirsutum and G. longicalyx

N.O. Konan, J-P Baudoin, and G. Mergeai

Stability Analysis: Pros and Cons

Daryl T. Bowman

Stability Measures in Cotton: Where Do We Stand?

Sterling B. Blanche, Gerald Myers, and David Caldwell

An Evaluation of Beltwide Cotton Genetics Cotton Varieties Grown in West Texas 2003

Terry Campbell

Loss of Apical Dominance in DP 444 BG/RR: Effect on Yield, Fiber Quality, and Maturity

Ken E. Lege', Tom A. Kerby, David W. Albers, Tom R. Speed, and Kevin D. Howard

Response of DP 555 BG/RR to Mepiquat Chloride (MC) under Varying Growth Conditions

Tom Kerby, Kevin Howard, Ken Lege, Dave Albers, and Tom Speed

DP 555 BG/RR Growth and Yield as Related to Seed Size

Kevin D. Howard, Thomas A. Kerby, Janet Burgess, Michael Casavechia, and William Smith

Yield and Fiber Characteristics of LibertyLink® Lines for FiberMax® Varietal Development

Michael Swindle

Overview of the University of Arkansas Cotton Breeding Program

F.M. Bourland

Grab Samples versus Commercially Ginned Bales: A Texas High Plains Comparison

John Gannaway, Eric Hequet, Randy Boman, Mark Kelley, and Robert Nichols

Early Generation Testing in Upland Cotton

D.G. Jones and C.W. Smith

Genetic Gain of Cotton Yield in Mato Grosso State, Brazil

Edina Moresco, Natal A. Vello, Nelson da S. Fonseca, Jr., and Elêuio C. Freire

A New Method for Measuring Relative Maturity Differences

Tom Speed, David W. Albers, Ken E. Lege, Kevin Howard, and Tom A. Kerby

Selection Response of FiberMax® Lines Derived from the Integration of Australian and US Germplasm

Jeff Klingenberg

Combining ability Studies for Fibre Traits in Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) under Drought Stress Condition

M.A.A. El-Dahan, M. López, J.C. Gutiérrez, and E.O. Leidi

Gene Expression Studies on Fiberless Mutants in Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Jinsuk J. Lee, Osama S.S. Hassan, Wenxiang Gao, David M. Stelly, Z. Jeffrey Chen, Russell J. Kohel, and Xiao-Ya Chen

Nuclear DNA Content of Gossypium Species

Bill L. Hendrix and James McD. Stewart

Segregation for Root Knot Nematode Resistance Gene(s) in F2 Populations from Resistant x Susceptible Crosses

Parvati Ynturi, Johnie N. Jenkins, Jack C. McCarty, Jr., and Sukumar Saha

Determining Gin Variability for HVI and AFIS Data

Chris Braden, C.W. Smith, Peggy Thaxton, and Eric Hequet

Comparison of Methods for Estimating Fibers per Seed

B. Owens and T. Wallace

Stacking Pima S-6 Fiber Length Alleles in a Tamcot 2111 Background

Christopher L. Souder, C. Wayne Smith, Peggy Thaxton, and Andrew H. Paterson

A Century of Cotton Breeding

Brian Schwartz, C. Wayne Smith, and Peggy S. Thaxton

Growth and Fruiting Habits of DP 555 BG/RR in Various Row Patterns and Plant Spacings

H.T. Miller, J.N. Jenkins, and J.C. McCarty

Comparing Two Methods in Evaluation of Boll Retention

Jixiang Wu, Johnie N. Jenkins, and Jack C. McCarty, Jr.

Status Report on Introgression of Reniform Nematode Resistance from Gossypium longicalyx

A. Forest Robinson, Alois A. Bell, Nilesh Dighe, and David Stelly

2003 Evaluation of Regional Cotton Breeders Strains Grown in Root-Knot Infested Soils

W.D. Caldwell, J.A. Hayes, P.D. Colyer, and J.E. Jones

Root-Knot Nematode Resistance in Auburn 634RNR: Segregation and Molecular Mapping

Jinfa Zhang, Doug Hinchliffe, Yingzhi Lu, Carol Potenza, Gopalan Champa-Sengupta, R.G. Cantrell, and J.N. Jenkins

Imperial Valley Cotton Trial

Herman Meister

Screening Upland Cotton for Resistance to Cotton Fleahopper

Karthik D. Mekala, C. Wayne Smith, and Allen E. Knutson

Anatomical Basis of Host Plant Resistance to Jassids in Gossypium Sp.

V.N. Kulkarni and B.M. Khadi

Establishment of the Standardized Cotton Microsatellite Database (CMD) Panel

John Yu, Russell Kohel, Roy Cantrell, Don Jones, Sukumar Saha, Jeff Tomkins, Dorrie Main, Michael Palmer, Alan Pepper, David Stelly, Mauricio Ulloa, and Jodi Scheffler

Molecular Marker Possibilities – Going Beyond Gossypium

Jodi Scheffler, Jeffery Ray, Brian Scheffler, and Natasha Techan

High-Throughput Development of New Molecular Markers for Cotton

Michael B. Palmer, Dorrie Main, James Frelichowski, Jeffrey P. Tomkins, and Mauricio Ulloa

Characterization of Resistance Gene Analogues (RGAs) Isolated from Upland Cotton: Origin, Function, and Evolutionary Relationships

Doug Hinchliffe, Carol Potenza, Champa Sengupta-Gopalan, Jinfa Zhang, and R.G. Cantrell

Evaluation of G. hirsutum Exotic Accessions from Uzbek Cotton Germplasm Collection for Further Molecular Mapping Purposes

Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov, Abdumalyan A. Abdullaev, Sofiya M. Rizaeva, Zabardast T. Buriev, Azoda T. Adylova, Abdusattor A. Abdukarimov, Sukumar Saha, Russell Kohel, and Alan E. Pepper

Differentiation of Cotton Cultivars by Optimized Extraction and Chromatographic Analysis of Glycan Oligomers

Allen K. Murray, Robert L. Nichols, and Roy G. Cantrell

Description of a Mutant with Low Gossypol; Potential for use in Commercializing Cotton Seed for Human Consumption

C.R. Benedict and Clint Magill

A Project to Develop Broadly Adapted, Heat Tolerant, High Fiber Quality Germplasm

Richard G. Percy, Lloyd May, Mauricio Ulloa, and Roy Cantrell

Genetic Engineering Cotton for Higher Drought- and Salt-Tolerance

Hong Zhang, Cixin He, Guoxin Shen, Juqiang Yan, Eduardo Blumwald, and Roberto Gaxiola

Cotton Variety Test Results for Louisiana, 2003

W.D. Caldwell, J.A. Hayes, E.P. Millhollon, A.M. Stewart, D.J. Boquet, E. Clawson, and J.I. Dickson

An Integrated SSR-STS-SRAP-RAPD Genetic Map using Recombinant Inbred Line Population in Tetraploid Cotton

Yingzhi Lu, Jinfa Zhang, R.G. Percy, and R.G. Cantrell

Genetic Analysis of Biochemical Traits in Short Season Upland Cotton of China

Shuxun Yu, Meizhen Song, Wankui Gong, Wu Wang, Shuli Fan, and Jiwen Yu

Cellulose Synthase Gene Family in Tetraploid Cottons: Further Studies

Olga Yurchenko, Allan Zipf, Khairy Soliman, Aaron Jeffries, Pat Hogan, and Debby Delmer

Comparative Molecular Analysis of Mitochondrial Genome in Two Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Systems of Cotton

Jinfa Zhang, G. Mara-Koosham, Yingzhi Lu, and J. McD. Stewart

Comparison of Fiber Properties of Current and Obsolete Cotton Varieties

J.A. Hayes, W.D. Caldwell, G.O. Myers, J.I. Dickson, and E.A. Percival

Development and Characterization of Fiber EST-Derived Microsatellites in Cotton (Gossypium spp.)

Young-Hoon Park, Mauricio Ulloa, Brad A. Sicker, and Thea Wilkins

Directional Selection for Average Weight of Fibers per Seed

O. Lloyd May

Flower Habits of Selected Stripper and Picker Cotton Varieties at Lubbock, Texas in 2003

E. Margaret Hamill, Delbert Hess, and David Becker

Genetic Contributions to Upland Cotton in China since 1950

Shuxun Yu, Wu Wang, Fuxin Yang, and Fanling Kong

Towards Improved Cell Cycle Manipulation and Chromosome Doubling Methods in Gossypium

Randal A. Halfmann, David M. Stelly, and David H. Young

Molecular Mapping of Natural Leaf Defoliation Loci of Cotton using SSR Markers

Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov, Alisher A. Abdullaev, Zabardast T. Buriev, Sofiya M. Rizaeva, Abdumavlyan A. Abdullaev, Abdusattor A. Abdukarimov, Sukumar Saha, and Umesh K. Reddy

Multiple Imputation for Missing Data in Molecular Genetic Studies

Muhanad Akash, Gerald O. Myers, Baogong Jiang, and Barry E. Moser

Regeneration and Transformation of Local Cotton Cultivars of Uzbekistan

S.A. Djataev, Abdusattor Abdukarimov, M. Yakubov, A. Pilipenko, S. Kim, Z. Buriev, and I. Abdurakhmonov

Notice of Release of 17 Germplasm Lines of Upland (Gossypium hirsutum) Cotton, Each with a Different Pair of G. barbadense Chromosomes or Arms Substituted for the Respective G. hirsutum Chromosomes or Arms

D.M. Stelly, D. Raskam, S. Saha, J.N. Jenkins, J.C. McCarty, and O.A. Gutierrez

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