"Advancing Cotton Education of producers, consultants and others who are involved in decision making throughout the growing season is the target of this program."

Dr. Bill Roberston
National Cotton Council

Advancing Cotton Education


The National Cotton Council, the Cotton Foundation and its industry members are launching "Advancing Cotton Education," program, or ACE, with the goal of informing and educating cotton producers and others involved in the crop production decision-making process

The ACE program has many components, including the Cotton Physiology Today newsletters which served as a pioneer to help educate producers, consultants, County Extension agents and other students of the crop. Extension Cotton Specialists from across the Belt were involved in the development of these newsletters and most importantly, the extension of this knowledge and principles as part of their educational programs.

The ACE program utilizes current technology to allow for more interactive information delivery. The web site employs audio and video clips to educate and/or demonstrate techniques or identify situations of interest. Links to other educational sites and those of the sponsors will serve to make this location the home of timely, informative and convenient information designed to meet specific needs in today's fast-paced world.

Although the components of the ACE program will vary as needs dictate and technology allows, this program will continue to rely on the Researchers and Extension Cotton Specialists from all disciplines to help develop and assist in the dissemination of this information to the decision-makers.