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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 28 / 2024

Issue 1 Table of Contents
pp. 01-11 Influence of Lygus-Traited Cotton Technology on Performance of Commonly Used Insecticides for Tarnished Plant Bug Management Prior to Bloom
Michael Huoni, Whitney Crow, Jeff Gore, Don Cook, Tyler Towles, and Angus Catchot
pp. 12-26 Evaluation of Cotton Cultivars and Breeding Lines for Tolerance to Monosodium Methanearsonate (MSMA) Under Field Conditions
Jinfa Zhang, Abdelraheem Abdelraheem, Yi Zhu, and Derek Whitelock
pp. 27-57 Evaluation Methods, Resistant Germplasm, and Breeding for Resistance to Bacterial Blight in Cotton: A Review
Jinfa Zhang, Hanan Elassbli, Yi Zhu, Terry Wheeler, and Fred Bourland
pp. 58-64 Impact of Reduced Rates of Tiafenacil on Early-Season Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.) Growth and Yield
Donnie K. Miller, L. Tom Barber, Jason A. Bond, Lawrence E. Steckel, Daniel O. Stephenson IV, Matthew R. Foster, Thomas R. Butts, and Koffi Badou-Jeremie Kouame
Issue Editors