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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 26 / 2022

Issue: 1 Table of Contents
pp. 01-13 Mepiquat Chloride Applications across Two Nitrogen Rates in a Conservation Tillage Cotton System
Kipling S. Balkcom, C. Dale Monks, and Steve M. Brown
pp. 14-22 Impact of Environmental Conditions and Variety on Seed Coat Fragment Issues in Georgia in 2020
Lavesta C. Hand, Ed Barnes, Phillip Roberts, John Snider, and Wesley Porter
pp. 23-30 Vector Competency of [[em]]Aphis gossypii[[/em]] and [[em]]Bemisia tabaci[[/em]] to Transmit Cotton Leafroll Dwarf Virus
Brianna Heilsnis, Autumn McLaughlin, Kassie Conner, Jenny Koebernick, and Alana L. Jacobson
pp. 31-39 Insecticide Resistance Monitoring of Tarnished Plant Bug (Hemiptera: Miridae) Populations in the Mid-Southern United States
Beverly D. Catchot, Jeffrey Gore, Natraj Krishnan, Ryan Jackson, and Fred R. Musser
pp. 40-49 Seed-score (S-score), a Method for Characterizing Seed and Lint Indices of Cotton Lines
Freddie M. Bourland, Ed Barnes, and Don C. Jones
pp. 50-55 Efficacy of Burndown with Sequential Applications for Junglerice ([[em]]Echinochloa colona[[/em]]) Control
Clay M. Perkins, Thomas C. Mueller, and Lawrence E. Steckel
Issue Editors
Issue: 2 Table of Contents
pp. 56-65 Refining Cotton Replanting Recommendations
Enrique Pena Martinez, Guy Collins, Jason Ward, and Natalie Nelson
pp. 66-75 Cotton Yield and Quality Response to Row Pattern and Seeding Rate
Ronald B. Sorensen, Marshall C. Lamb, and Christopher L. Butts
pp. 76-84 Performance of a Cotton Gin Machine that Removes Plastic Contamination from Seed Cotton
Derek P. Whitelock, Carlos B. Armijo, Paul A. Funk, Neha Kothari, and Vikki B. Martin
Issue Editors