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Comparative Phenotypic Analysis of Gossypium raimondii with Upland Cotton

Authors: Hee Jin Kim, Yongliang Liu, Michael K. Dowd, James Frelichowski, Christopher D. Delhom, James E. Rodgers, Devron P. Thibodeaux
Pages: 132-144
Breeding and Genetics
DOI: (

Gossypium raimondii Ulbrich, a wild diploid species of cotton, was sequenced due to its small genome size and similarity with the cultivated allotetraploid Upland cotton. The D-genome of G. raimondii has become the reference sequence used extensively in cotton genomic and genetic studies. However, phenotypic information is limited because photoperiodicity prevents flowering outside its native environment and its fiber quality cannot be measured by conventional methods. Fiber and seed properties of G. raimondii were measured and compared with those of Upland cotton cultivars. Fiber length, fineness, cellulose content, and seed lint percentage were all significantly reduced in G. raimondii compared to Upland cotton, whereas fiber maturities were comparable. Spectophotometric properties of G. raimondii fibers were similar to green Upland cotton fibers but differed from white and brown Upland fibers. Seed kernels of G. raimondii were smaller but their chemical compositions were similar to those of Upland cotton. Quantitative traits of G. raimondii will aid in interpreting its genome and accelerating comparative genomics approaches for identifying potential genes regulating fiber and kernel properties among Gossypium species.