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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 15 / 2011

Issue 1 Table of Contents
pp. 1-10 Lint Yield and Crop Maturity Responses to Irrigation in a Short-Season Environment
C. Owen Gwathmey, Brian G. Leib, and Christopher L. Main
pp. 11-21 Evaluation of Cotton Genotypes for Ginning Energy and Ginning Rate
Efrem Bechere, J. Clif Boykin, and W. R. Meredith
pp. 22-32 Development and Mapping of Gene-Tagged SNP Markers For Gland Morphogenesis In Cotton
Jaemin Cho, Cairui Lu, Russell J. Kohel, and John Z. Yu
pp. 33-42 Charting the Collision Between a Seed Coat Fragment and Newly Designed Lint Cleaner Grid Bars
Carlos B. Armijo, Derek P. Whitelock, Sidney E. Hughs, Edward M. Barnes, and Marvis N. Gillum
pp. 43-51 Evaluation of Select Equipment Sequences for Optimal Fiber Recovery from Stripper-Harvested Gin Waste
Gregory A. Holt, James Simonton, John Wanjura, Charley Knabb, Mathew Pelletier, and Tom Wedegaertner
pp. 52-60 Effect of Fungal Spores on Cotton Color
David T.W. Chun, and James E. Rodgers III
pp. 61-72 Fiber Initiation in 18 Cultivars and Experimental Lines of Three [[em]]Gossypium[[/em]] Species
Gabriela B. Romano, Earl W. Taliercio, Rickie B. Turley, and Jodi A. Scheffler
pp. 73-79 Obtaining Cotton Fiber Length Distributions from the Beard Test Method Part 2 – A New Approach through PLS Regression
Rachid Belmasrour, Linxiong Li, Xiaoliang Leon Cui, Yiyun Cai, and James Rodgers
pp. 80-88 Tolerance of GlyTol® and GlyTol® + LibertyLink® Cotton to Glyphosate and Glufosinate in the Southeastern U. S.
Rebekah D. Wallace, Lynn M. Sosnoskie, A. Stanley Culpepper, Alan C. York, Keith L. Edmisten, Michael G. Patterson, Michael A. Jones, H. Lane Crooks, Gary L. Cloud, and Jon Pierson
pp. 89-99 Residual Herbicides for Palmer Amaranth Control
Jared R. Whitaker, Alan C. York, David L. Jordan, A. Stanley Culpepper, and Lynn M. Sosnoskie
Issue Editors
Issue 2 Table of Contents
pp. 100-108 Relative Efficacy of Cotton Events Expressing Cry1Ab and Vip3A Against Cotton Bollworm and Tobacco Budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)
Narendra Palekar, Ryan W. Kurtz, Frederick S. Walters, and David O’Reilly
pp. 109-126 Is the Cotton Checkoff Program Worth the Cost?
Oral Capps Jr., and Gary W. Williams
pp. 127-136 Long-Term Storage of Polyethylene Film Wrapped Cotton Bales and Effects on Fiber and Textile Quality
S. E. Hughs, Gary Gamble, Carlos B. Armijo, and Dennis C. Tristao
pp. 137-143 Test of Pressure Transducer for Measuring Cotton-Mass Flow
Mike Mailander, and Daniel Moriasi
pp. 144-153 Influence of Grid Bar Shape on Field Cleaner Performance – Laboratory Screening Test
John D. Wanjura, Gregory A. Holt, Mathew G. Pelletier, and Jeffery A. Carroll
pp. 154-161 The Effect of Calcium on Early Fiber Elongation in Cotton Ovule Culture
Earl Taliercio, and Candace H. Haigler
pp. 162-169 Activity of Commercial Detergents Against Conidia and Chlamydospores of [[em]]Fusarium oxysporum[[/em]] f. sp. [[em]]vasinfectum[[/em]]
Rebecca S. Bennett, Wayne O’Neill, Linda Smith, and Robert B. Hutmacher
pp. 170-178 Investigation of the Impact of Instrumental and Software Applications on Cotton and Botanical Trash Identification by Ultraviolet-Visible and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
Chanel Fortier, James Rodgers, and Jonn Foulk
pp. 179-188 Novel Studies of Non-Aqueous Volatiles in Lint Cotton Moisture Tests by Complementary Thermal Methods
Sherwin Y. Cheuk, Joe G. Montalvo Jr., and Terri M Von Hoven
pp. 189-205 Reference Method for Total Water in Lint Cotton by Automated Oven Drying Combined with Volumetric Karl Fischer Titration
Joseph G. Montalvo Jr., Terri M. Von Hoven, and Sherwin Cheuk
Issue Editors
Issue 3 Table of Contents
pp. 206-214 6-Benzyladenine Enhancement of Cotton
John J. Burke
pp. 215-223 Performance of Cotton Agrochemicals when Spray Solution Application is Delayed
Peter M. Eure, David L. Jordan, Jack S. Bacheler, Alan C. York, Loren R. Fisher, and Randy Wells
pp. 224-232 Effect of Sample Size on Cotton Plant Mapping Analysis and Results
Glen L. Ritchie, Jared R. Whitaker, and Guy D. Collins
pp. 233-242 Deep Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Cotton in the Southeast
Ronald B. Sorensen, Christopher L. Butts, and Russell C. Nuti
pp. 243-250 Effect of Twin-Row Planting Pattern and Plant Density on Cotton Growth, Yield, and Fiber Quality
Daniel O. Stephenson IV, L. Thomas Barber, and Fred M. Bourland
pp. 251-259 Field Performance and Seasonal Efficacy Profiles of Transgenic Cotton Lines Expressing Vip3A and VipCot Against [[em]]Helicoverpa zea[[/em]] (Boddie) and [[em]]Heliothis virescens[[/em]] (F.)
Padma L. Bommireddy, B. Rogers Leonard, Joshua Temple, Paul Price, Karla Emfinger, Donald Cook, and Jarrod T. Hardke
pp. 260-264 Development of Sea Island/Upland (SIUP) Germplasm with Unique Fiber Properties
Greg Berger, Steve S. Hague, C. Wayne Smith, P. S. Thaxton, and Don C. Jones
pp. 265-270 Variation in an Extra-Long Staple Upland X Medium Staple Upland Cotton F2 Population
Steve S. Hague, C. Wayne Smith, Greg Berger, Jenny Clement, and Don C. Jones
pp. 271-273 Utilization of Cotton Germplasm in the Winter Nursery at Tecoman, Mexico for Plant Breeding Training and Research
Neha Kothari, Steve S. Hague, James Frelichowski, R.L. Nichols, and Don C. Jones
pp. 274-281 Cotton Revenue Apportioned between Lint Yield and Fiber Quality: A Precision Agriculture Perspective
Yufeng Ge, J. Alex Thomasson, Cristine L.S. Morgan, Scott M. Stanislav, and Ruixiu Sui
pp. 282-291 Beltwide Cotton Quality Before and After Lint Cleaning
Derek P. Whitelock, Carlos B. Armijo, J. Clif Boykin, Michael D. Buser, Gregory A. Holt, Edward M. Barnes, Thomas D. Valco, Dennis S. Findley Jr., and Michael D. Watson
Issue Editors