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Issue 3 Table of Contents

 Issue Editors
Agronomy and Soils
Planting Cotton Cultivar Mixtures to Enhance Fiber Quality
J. C. Faircloth, K. Edmisten, R. Wells, and A. Stewart
Pages: 51-56

Arthropod Management
Field Performance of Transgenic Cottons Expressing One or Two <em>Bacillus thuringiensis</em> Endotoxins Against Bollworm, <em>Helicoverpa zea</em> (Boddie)
R. E. Jackson, J. R. Bradley, Jr., and J. W. Van Duyn
Pages: 57-64

Economics and Marketing
Assessing the Competitiveness of Indian Cotton Production: A Policy Analysis Matrix Approach
Samarendu Mohanty, Cheng Fang, Jagadanand Chaudhary
Pages: 65-74

Economics and Marketing
Are Added Land and New Producer Provisions in Crop Insurance Vulnerable to Abuse? The Case of Insured Texas Cotton Producers
Roderick M. Rejesus and Ashley C. Lovell
Pages: 75-85

Economics and Marketing
Irrigation Termination of Cotton: An Economic Analysis of Yield, Quality, and Market Factors
Russell Tronstad, Jeffrey C. Silvertooth, and Steve Husman
Pages: 86-94