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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 7 / 2003

Issue 1 Table of Contents
pp. 01-07 A Survey of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes Associated with Cotton in Alabama
William S. Gazaway and Kathy S. McLean
Issue Editors
Issue 2 Table of Contents
pp. 08-15 A Rating System for Leaf Pubescence of Cotton
F. M. Bourland, J. M. Hornbeck, A. B. McFall, and S. D. Calhoun
pp. 16-22 Genetic Variances and Combining Ability of Crosses of American Cultivars, Australian Cultivars, and Wild Cottons
Christopher L. Cheatham, Johnie N. Jenkins, Jack C. McCarty, Jr., Clarence E. Watson, and Jixiang Wu
pp. 23-38 Lint Yield, Lint Percentage, and Fiber Quality Response in Bollgard, Roundup Ready, and Bollgard/Roundup Ready Cotton
Laval M. Verhalen, Bruce E. Greenhagen, and Robert W. Thacker
pp. 39-44 Evaluation of Cotton Put Options as a Price Risk Management Tool
Blake K. Bennett
pp. 45-50 Evaluation of Cotton Stickiness via the Thermochemical Production of Volatile Compounds
Gary R. Gamble
Issue Editors
Issue 3 Table of Contents
pp. 51-56 Planting Cotton Cultivar Mixtures to Enhance Fiber Quality
J. C. Faircloth, K. Edmisten, R. Wells, and A. Stewart
pp. 57-64 Field Performance of Transgenic Cottons Expressing One or Two <em>Bacillus thuringiensis</em> Endotoxins Against Bollworm, <em>Helicoverpa zea</em> (Boddie)
R. E. Jackson, J. R. Bradley, Jr., and J. W. Van Duyn
pp. 65-74 Assessing the Competitiveness of Indian Cotton Production: A Policy Analysis Matrix Approach
Samarendu Mohanty, Cheng Fang, Jagadanand Chaudhary
pp. 75-85 Are Added Land and New Producer Provisions in Crop Insurance Vulnerable to Abuse? The Case of Insured Texas Cotton Producers
Roderick M. Rejesus and Ashley C. Lovell
pp. 86-94 Irrigation Termination of Cotton: An Economic Analysis of Yield, Quality, and Market Factors
Russell Tronstad, Jeffrey C. Silvertooth, and Steve Husman
Issue Editors
Issue 4 Table of Contents
pp. 148-155 Evaluation of Row Spacing and Mepiquat Chloride in Cotton
Steve P. Nichols, Charles E. Snipes, and Mike A. Jones
pp. 156-163 Laboratory and Field Evaluations of Insecticide Toxicity to Stink Bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae)
Melissa M. Willrich, B. Rogers Leonard, and Don R. Cook
pp. 164-169 Sources of Fiber Strength in the U.S. Upland Cotton Crop from 1980 to 2000
Daryl T. Bowman and Osman A. Gutiérrez
pp. 170-178 Comparison of Bulk F<sub>2</sub> Performance Testing and Pedigree Selection in Thirty Pima Cotton Populations
Richard G. Percy
pp. 179-184 SSR Marker(s) Associated with Root Knot Nematode Resistance Gene(s) in Cotton
Chethana Bezawada, Sukumar Saha, Johnie N. Jenkins, Roy G. Creech, and Jack C. McCarty
pp. 185-193 Cotton Yield Response and Economic Implications to In-Row Subsoil Tillage and Sprinkler Irrigation
H. C. Pringle, III and S. W. Martin
pp. 194-204 Transgenic Cotton Cultivars: An Economic Comparison in Arkansas
Kelly J. Bryant, Robert L. Nichols, Charles T. Allen, N. Ray Benson, Fred M. Bourland, Larry D. Earnest, Marwan S. Kharboutli, Kenneth L. Smith, and Eric P. Webster
pp. 205-216 Engineering Economic Analysis of a Cotton By-Product Fuel Pellet Operation
Greg Holt, James Simonton, Mario Beruvides, and Ana Maria Canto
pp. 217-223 Advanced Fiber Information System Length Measurement of Cottons Hand-Sorted by Length Group
David D. McAlister III, Jonn A. Foulk, and Robert E. Harrison
pp. 224-230 A Comparison of the Damage Functions, Root Galling, and Reproduction of <em>Meloidogyne incognita</em> on Resistant and Susceptible Cotton Cultivars
E. Zhou and J. L. Starr
pp. 231-235 Yield Of Glyphosate-Tolerant Cotton As Affected By Topical Glyphosate Applications On The Texas High Plains And Rolling Plains
Ginger G. Light, Todd A. Baughman, Peter A. Dotray, J. Wayne Keeling, and David B. Wester
pp. 236-241 Cotton Sensitivity to Pyrithiobac Applied Under Two Irrigation Regimes
Christopher B. Corkern, Daniel B. Reynolds, James L. Griffin, David L. Jordan, Donnie K. Miller, and P. Roy Vidrine
pp. 242-247 Impact of Adjuvants and Nozzle Types on Cotton Injury From Flumioxazin Applied Post-Directed
Jason A. Ferrell and William K. Vencill
pp. 248 Annual Report of the <em>Journal Of Cotton Science</em>
Patrick D. Colyer, Editor-in-Chief
Issue Editors