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Annual Report of the <em>Journal Of Cotton Science</em>

Authors: Patrick D. Colyer, Editor-in-Chief
Page: 248
Editorial Notes

During 2003, the journal underwent several changes. In addition to the acceptance of a policy document, there were several changes in the organization of the disciplines recognized by the journal. The Physiology and Molecular Biology sections were combined, and the Organic Dusts section was eliminated. Manuscripts related to dusts are now included in the Textile Technology or Engineering and Ginning disciplines, depending on the subject matter.

Twenty-four manuscripts in eight different disciplines were published in the Journal of Cotton Science in 2003. The breakdown of published manuscripts by discipline is as follows: Agronomy and Soils – 2; Arthropod Management – 2; Breeding and Genetics – 6; Economics and Marketing – 6; Engineering and Ginning – 2; Molecular Biology and Physiology – 0; Plant Pathology and Nematology – 2; Textile Technology – 1; and Weed Science – 3.

To date (December 17), 70 manuscripts representing all nine disciplines have been submitted in 2003. A summary of the action taken on these manuscripts by discipline is provided in Table 1. The acceptance rate for manuscripts for which a decision has been made is 44%.