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Issue 1 Table of Contents

 Issue Editors
Agronomy and Soils
Cotton Mote Frequency Under Rainfed and Irrigated Conditions
G. H. Davidonis, A. Johnson and J. A. Landivar
Pages: 01-09

Breeding and Genetics
QTL Analysis of Stomatal Conductance and Relationship to Lint Yield in an Interspecific Cotton
Mauricio Ulloa, Roy G. Cantrell, Richard G. Percy, Eduardo Zeiger and Zhenmin Lu
Pages: 10-18

Engineering and Ginning
Chemical Application Equipment for Improved Deposition in Cotton
Harold R. Sumner, Gary A. Herzog, Paul E. Sumner, Mike Bader and Ben G. Mullinix
Pages: 19-27

Molecular Biology and Physiology
Detection of Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein DNA in Pink Bollworm through Polymerase Chain Reaction
John J. Peloquin and T. A. Miller
Pages: 28-33

Molecular Biology and Physiology
(Review) Quantitation of Fiber Quality and the Cotton Production-Processing Interface: A Physiologist's Perspective
Judith M. Bradow and Gayle H. Davidonis
Pages: 34-64