Results of 1989 Karate® Boll Weevil Trials Across the Mid-South

J.T. Daniel, D.H. Anderson, L.S. Boykin, J.O. Bryson, S.A. Harrison, E.E. King, and J.M. Lunsford


KARATE® was evaluated for boll weevil control in cotton in nine small plots, replicated trials from Alabama to Texas. Comparisons were made with BAYTHROID®, ASANA XL GUTHION®, and untreated checks. Seasonal means across all trials with direct comparisons showed KARATE® at 24% weevil damaged squares compared with 40% for the GUTHION® standard and 61% for the untreated checks (Table 1). In direct comparisons with other synthetic pyrethroids, KARATE® and BAYTHROID® were equally effective and superior to the untreated check (Table 2).

In a trial conducted primarily as a Heliothis evaluation at Flowers, Mississippi, boll weevil damage was also evaluated. Synthetic pyrethroids were applied four times. All plots were oversprayed as needed (12) with GUTHION® and/or Methyl Parathion, representing a typical program for this area. KARATE® and BAYTHROID® gave equal seasonal boll weevil damage means that were slightly superior to ASANA XL® and the OP checks (no pyrethroids) (Table 3).

KARATE® provided excellent boll weevil control in nine trials across the Mid-South. KARATE® was equal to BAYTHROID® and superior to other compounds tested.

Reprinted from 1990 Proceedings: Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences pp. 283 - 284
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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