Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Cotton Utilization Conference – Nonwovens
Table of Contents

Naturally Colored Cotton for Geocomposites

Y. Chen, L. Sun, X. Cui, T.A. Calamari, L. Kimmel, and D.V. Parikh

Keynote Address: Spunlace 101, the Components of Establishing a Productive and Versatile Spunlace Plant

Dan Feroe

Development of Value-Added Thermalbonded-Needlepunched Cotton Composites: New Approach and Applications

Lohit Shastri, Senthil Chinnasami, S.S. Ramkumar, and Mac McLean

Preparation and Properties of Silver Antimicrobial Nonwovens

D.V. Parikh

Creating Surface Effects on Cotton Webs by Calendering

D. Steve Gunter

Reinforcement of Cotton 3-D Nonwovens by Quasi-Yarns

Jaroslav Hanus and Jiri Militky

Determining Fiber Orientation in Nonwovens by Digital Quantification of Microscopic Images

Wilton R. Goynes and Kathryn H. Pusateri

Development of Lightweight Value-Added Cotton Nonwovens: H1 Technology

Senthil Chinnasami, Lohit Shastri, S.S. Ramkumar, and Mac McLean

Differentially Absorbent Cotton-Surfaced Spunbond Copolyester and Spunbond PP with Wetting Agent

Bhupender S. Gupta and Larry C. Wadsworth

Review of Nonwovens and Other Interesting Technologies from ITMA 2003

Roy M. Broughton, Jr.

Thermal Insulation Properties of Kenaf and Cotton Nonwoven Composites for Automotive Application

Val G. Yachmenev, T.A. Calamari, Jr., D.V. Parikh, Chen Yan, and Ioan I. Negulescu

Status of the California Technical Bulletin on Flammability of Upholstery, Mattresses and Bedding

Cos Camelio

Cotton and Cotton Modacrylic Blended Batting Fire Blocking Barriers for Soft Furnishings to Meet Federal and State Flammability Standards

P.J. Wakelyn, P.K. Adair, and S. Wolf

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