Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Cotton Utilization Conference
Table of Contents

Organization of the Beltwide Cotton Utilization Conference

Kearny Q. Robert and D.V. Parikh

SRRC Cotton Research: Changing with the Public's Need

J.P. Jordan, A.D. French, T.A. Calamari, Jr., and D.P. Thibodeaux

Current Research Activities at the International Textile Center

M. Dean Ethridge

Developments in Textile Technology: ITMA 2003 Review – Part I: Short Staple Fiber Processing

Yehia El Mogahzy

Developments in Textile Technology: ITMA 2003 Review – Part II: Spinning Machinery

Yehia El Mogahzy

Cotton/Silk Blends on Cotton Spinning Process

J-Y. Drean, A. Sinoimeri, R. Chollakup, and R. Frydrych

Roadmap to Evaluation of Cotton's Processing Quality

Kearny Q. Robert

Effect of Cotton Fiber Quality on the Strength Properties of a Military Uniform Fabric

G.F. Ruppenicker, A.P. Sawhney, L.B. Kimmel, J.B. Price, and T.A. Calamari, Jr.

An Update of Size-Free Weaving Research at SRRC

Paul S. Sawhney, John B. Price, Timothy A. Calamari, and Navzer D. Sachinvala

Influence of Production Technology on the Cotton Yarn Properties

Dana Kremenakova and Jiri Militky

Southern Regional Research Center Reveals Colorful New Methods

Linda Kimmel, Chris Delhom, and Craig Folk

Comparison of Yarn Strength Predictions with Uster Statistics

Jirí Militký, Dana Kremenáková, and Pavla Vozková

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