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History and Overview of the Hardlock Problem in Humid areas of the Deep South

David L. Wright, James J. Marois, Pawel J. Wiatrak, and Tawainga Katsvairo

Etiology, Epidemiology, and Control of Fusarium Hardlock of Cotton in the Southeast: The Possibilities

J.J. Marois and D.L. Wright

Results from the 2003 Regional Hardlock Project

Kenneth W. Seebold, Jr., Robert C. Kemerait, Jr., Jim Marois, David Wright, Boyd Padgett, John Mueller, Kathy McLean, and Tony Estes

Projected Recommendations for use of Topsin-M for Hardlock Control

R. Kemerait, K. Seebold, J. Marois, D. Wright, B. Padgett, J. Mueller, K. McLean, and T. Estes

The Future of Topsin® M on Cotton

Beth E. Sears, Tony Estes, and Phil Robinson

Efficacy of a Novel Seed Treatment for Root-Knot Nematode Control in Greenhouse and Small-Plot Field Tests

T.L. Kirkpatrick and W.S. Monfort

Effect of a Novel Seed Treatment on Infection of Cotton Seedlings by Meloidogyne incognita

Scott Monfort, Craig Rothrock, and Terry Kirkpatrick

Seed Treatments: A New Option for Managing Nematodes?

G.B. Padgett, B.W. Garber, and C. Overstreet

Nematode Sampling Procedures for a Non-Traditional Nematicide

Steve L. Rideout and David H. Long

Using Soil Electrical Conductivity to Denote Potential Nematode Management Zones

Maurice C. Wolcott, Charles Overstreet, Boyd Padgett, and Eugene Burris

Potential usefulness of Newly Available Statistical Methods for Modeling Meloidogyne incognita, Thielaviopsis basicola and Influential Soil Factors on Yield

Scott Monfort, Craig Rothrock, Andronikos Mauromoustakos, and Terry Kirkpatrick

Improvement of Cotton Seed Quality by Brotomax

Ana Aguado Puig, Victor Frías Luna, Gregorio García Visglerio, Pedro Gómez, Ana G. Baidez, María D. Fuster, Ana Ortuño, and José A. del Río

DYNASTY™ CST – Innovative and Broad Spectrum Control of Cotton Seedling Diseases

David Long and Franz Brandl

Seed Treatments to Induce Resistance to Fusarium Wilt and Black Root Rot in Cotton

S.J. Allen, D.B. Nehl, A.H. Mondal, and O. Jhorar

Cotton Seedling Disease Control with In-Furrow Fungicides and Seed Treatments

Melvin A. Newman, Wyveta Percell, Wesley Crowder, and Chris Street

Influence of Different Environmental Conditions on the Epidemiology of the Cotton Seedling Disease Complex

N.M. Gomaa, C.S. Rothrock, and Samy Moustafa-mahmoud

Screening Upland Cotton for Resistance to Rhizoctonia solani: Methodology and Results

Justin West, C. Wayne Smith, and Peggy Thaxton

Agrobacterium Concentrations and Severity of Bronze Wilt Symptoms in Cotton Cultivars Treated with Fungal Biocontrol Agents at Planting

Alois A. Bell

Fusarium in the San Joaquin Valley of California: Impact of Cotton Type and Variety

R.B. Hutmacher, M.P. Keeley, R. Delgado, M.R. Davis, Y. Kim, D.S. Munk, S.D. Wright, B.A. Roberts, M. Ulloa, and R. Percy

Efficiency of Binucleate Rhizoctonia for Controlling Damping-Off of Cotton caused by Rhizoctonia solani in the Greenhouse and Field

N.M. Gomaa and C.S. Rothrock

Frequency and Pathogenicity of Microorganisms Associated with Cotton Seed Rot in South Carolina

Alois A. Bell, Enrique Gino Medrano, and Michael A. Jones

Minutes of the 2004 Cotton Disease Council Business Meeting: January 8, 2004 San Antonio, TX

Chip Graham

Telone against Root-Knot Nematode in Louisiana during 2003

Charles Overstreet, Maurice Wolcott, Boyd Padgett, Gene Burris, and Terry Erwin

Vapam (Sodium Methyldithiocarbamate) and Telone II (1,3-dichloropropene) for Control of Root Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) in Cotton in Ashley County, Arkansas

Kenneth R. Williams, Terry Kirkpatrick, Craig Rothrock, and Jim Johnson

Efficacy of Nematicides with Thrips-Management Considerations on Southern Root-Knot and Columbia Lance Nematodes in Georgia

Robert C. Kemerait, Jr., Phillip Roberts, Clifford L. Brewer, Scott N. Brown, William E. Harrison, Brad R. Mitchell, Richard G. McDaniel, and Robert D. McNeill, IV

Microbial Degradation of Aldicarb in Reniform Nematode Infested Cotton Field Soils

Kathy S. Lawrence, William S. Gazaway, Gary W. Lawrence, Charlie H. Burmester, Yucheng Feng, and Shannon H. Norwood

Greenhouse and Field Evaluations of Selected Winter Cover Crops for Reniform Nematode Suppression in Cotton

J.R. Jones and K.S. McLean

Performance of Stoneville 5599BR Cotton Variety in the Presence of Root Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita)

Kenneth R. Williams, T. Kirkpatrick, and B. Bond

Response of Selected Cotton Varieties to the Reniform Nematode in Alabama

Stan Usery, Jr., K.S. Lawrence, Charles Burmester, K. Glass, G.W. Lawrence, R. Akridge, and Brad Meyer

Genetic Diversity of Reniform Nematode Geographic Populations

Paula Agudelo, Robert T. Robbins, Allen Szalanski, and James Stewart

Losses Associated with the Reniform Nematode and Black Root Rot in Producers' Fields in 2003

C.S. Rothrock, W.S. Monfort, T.L. Kirkpatrick, and K.R. Williams

Aflatoxin in South Texas Cottonseed: Geographic Distribution and Influencing Factors

R. Jaime-Garcia and P.J. Cotty

Aspergillus flavus Communities Associated with Commercial Cottonseed in South Texas

R. Jaime-Garcia and P.J. Cotty

Cotton Seedling Disease Control with Biological/Chemical Seed Treatments

Charles R. Howell

Development and Characteristics of Triple Species Hybrids used to Transfer Reniform Nematode Resistance from Gossypium longicalyx to Gossypium hirsutum

Alois Bell and A. Forest Robinson

Development of Cotton Germplasm with Resistance to Reniform Nematode

Lawrence D. Young, Salliana R. Stetina, and William R. Meredith, Jr.

Effect of Selected Fungicides and Other Treatments on Cotton Root Rot Suppression

John E. Matocha, Michael P. Richardson, and Stan G. Vacek

Effects of Plant Population and Fungicide Treatment on Seedling Diseases of Cotton

Kenneth W. Seebold, Jr. and Robert C. Kemerait, Jr.

Effects of Rhizoctonia and Pythium spp. on Cotton Stand Establishment in Mississippi

Gabriel L. Sciumbato, Bonnie B. Cook, and J. Anna Blessitt

Epidemiology of Bronze Wilt in Northeast Louisiana

Boyd Padgett, Brandi Woolam Garber, Wes Rea, and Jason Price

Evaluation of a Transgenic Chitosanase as an Anti-Fungal Agent

Bill L. Hendrix and James McD. Stewart

Extracting Viable Reniform Nematodes: An Improved Method

Dewang Deng, A. Zipf, Y. Tilahun, G.C. Sharma, J. Jenkins, and K. Lawrence

Glycoproteins in the Gelatinous Matrix of Rotylenchulus reniformis

Paula Agudelo, Robert T. Robbins, James Stewart, and Brad Murphy

Reniform Nematode Reproduction on Soybean in Tests Conducted in 2003

R.T. Robbins, L. Rakes, L.E. Jackson, E.E. Gbur, and D.G. Dombek

Mississippi Cotton Nematode Survey: Results of an Eight County Survey

Gabriel L. Sciumbato Julie A. Blessitt, and Don Blasingame

Report of the Cottonseed Treatment Committee for 2003

C.S. Rothrock and S.A. Winters

Cotton Disease Loss Estimate Committee Report

Don Blasingame and Mukund V. Patel

Shoot to Kill

T.L. Kirkpatrick

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