Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

New Developments from Industry
Table of Contents

PC Mapping Performs Multi Picker, Multi Field Yield Map Processing, Calibration

Mike Gvili

Cotton M.A.P. Module Averaging and Pooling: A Concept to Lead the Cotton Industry into a New Millennium

Gayle Craft and Raymond South

Oberon: A New Compound for Whitefly and Mite Control

Lamar Buckelew

Zeal Miticide for Cotton

Michael J. Ansolabehere

Efficacy of Mustang Max (F0570) for Insect Pest Control in Cotton

W. Davis Martin, H. Gary Hancock, Tom I. Crumby, and Joe Reed

Diamond™: A New Broad Spectrum Insecticide for Cotton

R. Tim Weiland

Valor Herbicide: A New, Unique Tool for Weed Control in Cotton

Frank Carey

A New Herbicide from Bayer CropScience for use in LibertyLink® Cotton

Russ Perkins

Mid-Grade Ammonium Sulfate – Agronomic Benefits and Profit Opportunities on Cotton

Dean J. Collamer and M. Mercedes Gearhart

HA195: A New Hybrid Cotton for the San Joaquin Valley, CA

Meir Gadisman

ST 5242BR: A New Mid-Full Season Bollgard® + Roundup Ready® Variety from Stoneville

Mark Barfield

ST 3990BR: A New Early-Mid Season Variety from Stoneville

Mike Robinson

ST 4646B2R: A New Early-Mid Season BG2 ™ + RR™ Variety from Stoneville

Mike Robinson

FM 5035 LL: A New Stripper Variety with New Herbicide Technology

David Becker, Delbert Hess, and Margaret Hamill

Bayer CropScience's FiberMax® Product Line Introduces New High Quality Bollgard/Roundup Ready and Roundup Ready Varieties

Jane K. Dever

Field Performance of VipCot™ in Elite Germplasm

Victor J. Mascarenhas

DP 424 BGII/RR: A New Bollgard II Variety Stacked with Roundup Ready

David W. Albers and Doug Shoemaker

DP 444 BG/RR, A New Early-Maturing Transgenic Variety with High Yield Potential and Fiber Quality Potential

Ken E. Lege' and Curtis Williams

DP 494 RR: A New Roundup Ready Cotton Variety with Outstanding Fiber Quality

David W. Albers, Don L. Keim, and Doug Shoemaker

DP 493, A New Mid-Full Season Delta and Pine Land Variety with Excellent Yield Potential

Richard Leske, Ken Lege', and Dave Albers

Intruder Performance – 2003

Robert E. Etheridge

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