Cotton Ginner Certification Program

Cotton Ginner
Certification Program Forms

In conjunction with the schools, National Cotton Ginners Association is offering a Cotton Ginner Certification Program. Certification Program requirements are:

  • Completion of all three levels of instruction or, with equivalent experience for Level I, completion of Levels II and III.
  • Red Cross Standard or other OSHA-approved first aid certification.
  • Written recommendation from an established ginner, detailing the applicant's knowledge, skill, experience, and character.
  • Satisfactory performance on a comprehensive written examination covering practical aspects of gin operation.  Please note that the Ginner Exam has been translated from English to Spanish, and therefore the practice of reading and translating each question and answers has been discontinued. 
  • Minimum three years experience working for a commercial ginning operation.
  • Membership in National Cotton Ginners Association, constituted by active membership in one of its member associations as follows: Arizona Cotton Ginners Association, California Cotton Ginners Association, Cooperative Ginners Association of Oklahoma, Ginner Committee of the Kansas Cotton Association, New Mexico Cotton Ginners Association, Southeastern Cotton Ginners Association, Southern Cotton Ginners Association, and Texas Cotton Ginners Association.
  • Upon completion of the initial certification requirements, continuing education course work credit will be required to maintain certification. Continuing education courses will be offered in conjunction with all three schools. Continuing education registration material will be mailed to participants in the certification program. The Continuing Education course will be 2 days in duration and will cover several topics.
  • The Certification Program is optional for each school participant. The Certification Program written examination will be offered at each school. Please note that the CE coursework may not be appropriate for all certified ginners and may want to consider Level III as as an alternative.  

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