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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 13 / 2009

Issue 1 Table of Contents
pp. 01-10 Cotton Yield Response to Soil- and Foliar-Applied Potassium as Influenced by Irrigation
D.L. Coker, D.M. Oosterhuis, and R.S. Brown
pp. 11-22 Influence of Within-season Densities of Heliothines and Tarnished Plant Bugs on Variability in End-of-season Cotton Yield Mapping
K.C. Allen, R.G. Luttrell, and C.D. Parker Jr.
pp. 23-31 Susceptibility of Selected Lepidopteran Pests to Rynaxypyr®, a Novel Insecticide
J.H. Temple, P.L. Pommireddy, D.R. Cook, P. Marçon, and B.R. Leonard
pp. 32-36 Critical Timing of Palmer Amaranth ([[em]]Amaranthus palmeri[[/em]]) Removal in Second-Generation Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton
B.J. Fast, S.W. Murdock, R.L. Farris, J.B. Willis, and D.S. Murray
Issue Editors
Issue 2 Table of Contents
pp. 37-47 Seed Quality and Planting Date Effects on Cotton Lint Yield, Yield Components, and Fiber Quality
William T. Pettigrew, and William R. Meredith Jr.
pp. 48-55 Narrow-Row Cotton Production under Irrigated and Non-irrigated Environment: Plant Population and Lint Yield
Krishna N. Reddy, Ian C. Burke, J. Clif Boykin, and J. Ray Williford
pp. 56-66 Effect of Irrigation Rates on Three Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.) Cultivars in a Root-knot Nematode ([[em]]Meloidogyne incognita[[/em]]) Infested Field
Terry A. Wheeler, J. Wayne Keeling, James P. Bordovsky, John Everitt, Kevin F. Bronson, Randal K. Boman, and Benjamin G. Mullinix Jr.
pp. 67-74 Physiological Response of Cotton to a Root Zone Soil Moisture Gradient: Implications for Partial Root zone Drying Irrigation
Simon C. White and Steven R. Raine
pp. 75-157 [[font color="ff0000"]]RESEARCH NOTE[[/font]][[BR]]New SSR Markers for Use in Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium[[/em]] spp.) Improvement
J. Xiao, K. Wu, David D. Fang, David M. Stelly, John Yu, and Roy.G. Cantrell
pp. 158-165 Harvesting and Seed Cotton Cleaning of a Cotton Variety with a Fragile Seed Coat
Carlos B. Armijo, Kevin D. Baker, Sidney E. Hughs, Edward M. Barnes, and Marvis N. Gillum
pp. 166-173 Fiber Properties of Saw and Roller Ginned Naturally Colored Cottons
Paul A. Funk and Gary R. Gamble
pp. 174-177 Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton Interference in Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean
Donna R. Lee, Donnie K. Miller, and David C. Blouin
pp. 178-182 Glyphosate-Resistant Soybean Interference in Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton
Donna R. Lee, Donnie K. Miller, David C. Blouin, Scott B. Clewis, and Wesley J. Everman
Issue Editors
Issue 3 Table of Contents
pp. 183-188 Cotton Production in Rotation with Summer Legumes
Philip J. Bauer, Dara M. Park, and B. Todd Campbell
pp. 189-195 Comparative Efficacy of Selected Insecticide Alternatives for Boll Weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) Control Using Laboratory Bioassays
Boris A. Castro, and J. Scott Armstrong
pp. 196-205 Using Marked Lygus [[em]]hesperus[[/em]] (Knight) (Hemiptera: Miridae) Adults to Evaluate Sweep Net Sampling in Cotton
Dale W. Spurgeon
pp. 206-211 Cotton Leaf Reflectance Changes after Removal from the Plant
J. Alex Thomasson, and Ruixiu Sui
pp. 212-220 Fiber and Yarn Properties Improve with New Cotton Cultivar
Jonn Foulk, William Meredith, David McAlister, and Daniel Luke
pp. 221-226 Regional, Varietal, and Crop Year Variations of Metal Contents Associated with the Separate Structural Components of Upland Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]]) Fiber
Gary R. Gamble
Issue Editors
Issue 4 Table of Contents
pp. 227-237 Subsurface Drip Irrigation and Fertigation for North Alabama Cotton Production
Mark Dougherty, A.H. AbdelGadir, John P. Fulton, Edzard van Santen, Larry M. Curtis, C.H. Burmester, Hugh D. Harkins, and B.E. Norris
pp. 238-245 Comparison of Mechanical and Chemical Winter Cereal Cover Crop Termination Systems and Cotton Yield In Conservation Agriculture
Andrew J. Price, Francisco J. Arriaga, Randy L. Raper, Kipling S. Balkcom, Ted S. Komecki, and D. Wayne Reeves
pp. 246-255 The Future of Cotton Breeding in the Western United States
Mauricio Ulloa, Richard Percy, Robert B. Hutmacher, and Jinfa Zhang
pp. 256-264 The Characterization of Major Proteins Expressed in Roots of Four [[em]]Gossypium[[/em]] Species
Gafurjon T. Mavlonov, Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov, Abdusattor Abdukarimov, Ramesh Kantety, and Govind C. Sharma
pp. 265-273 Obtaining Cotton Fiber Length Distributions from the Beard Test Method Part 1 - Theoretical Distributions Related to the Beard Method
Xiaoliang “Leon” Cui, James Rodgers, Yiyun Cai, Linxiong Li, Rachid Belmasrour, and Su-Seng Pang
Gerald O. Myers, Editor-in-Chief
Issue Editors