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LOGO: Journal of Cotton Science


Volume 12 / 2008

Issue 1 Table of Contents
pp. 01-07 Cotton Planting Date and Plant Population Effects on Yield and Fiber Quality in the Mississippi Delta
J. A. Wrather, B. J. Phipps, W. E. Stevens, A. S. Phillips, and E. D. Vories
pp. 08-15 Effect of Cultivar Blends on Fiber Quality, Lint Yield, and Gross Return of Upland Cotton in West Texas
E. Bechere, A. Alexander, D.L. Auld, and C.P. Downer
pp. 16-32 Small Sample Techniques to Evaluate Cotton Variety Trials
J. Clif Boykin
pp. 33-47 Review of Standard Test Methods for Moisture in Lint Cotton
J.G. Montalvo, and T.M Von Hoven
pp. 48-52 The Influence of Malathion on Trifloxysulfuron Absorption and Translocation in Cotton
B. Minton, M. Matocha, and S. Senseman
Issue Editors
Issue 2 Table of Contents
pp. 53-61 Genetic Variation for Waterlogging Tolerance in Cotton
W.C. Conaty, D.K.Y. Tan, G.A. Constable, B.G. Sutton., D.J. Field, and E.A. Mamum
pp. 62-72 Uzbek Scientific Research Institute of Cotton Breeding and Seed Production: Breeding and Germplasm Resources
Paridun Sh. Ibragimov, Victor A. Avtonomov, Alisher B. Amanturdiev, Shadmon E. Namazov, David E. Zaurov, Thomas J. Molnar, Sasha W. Eisenman, Thomas J. Orton, C. Reed Funk, and A. Edward Percival Jr.
pp. 73-80 Evaluation of the USDA Shafter Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium[[/em]] spp.) Collection for Agronomic and Fiber Traits
J.X. Zumba, and G.O. Myers
pp. 81-86 Simulation Analysis of U.S. Cotton Production with ERS Costs and Returns Data
A. Flanders
pp. 87-98 Testing the Efficacy and Economic Potential of Bollgard II under Burkina Faso Cropping Conditions
O. Traore, S. Denys, J. Vitale, K. Traore, and K. Bazoumana
pp. 99-108 Ethanol’s Effect on the U.S. Cotton Industry
M. Welch, S. Pan, S. Mohanty, and M. Fadiga
pp. 109-125 Seed Coat Fragments, Motes, and Neps: Cultivar Differences
J. C. Boykin
pp. 126-133 Lint Cleaning Performance of a Modified Cylinder Cleaner
S. Le
pp. 134-142 Multi Scenario Pellet Fuel Manufacturing Operation Utilizing Cotton Waste
J. Simonton, G. Holt, M. Beruvides, L. A. Barroso
pp. 143-149 Evaluating a Fiberglass Roller Covering on a Roller Gin Stand
D.P. Whitelock, C.B. Armijo, and G.R. Gamble
pp. 150-159 Photosynthesis, Quantum Yield of Photosystem II and Membrane Leakage as Affected by High Temperatures in Cotton Genotypes
A.C. Bibi, D.M. Oosterhuis, and E.D. Gonias
pp. 160-164 Seed Transmission of [[em]]Fusarium oxysporum[[/em]] f. sp. [[em]]vasinfectum[[/em]] Race 4 in California
R.S. Bennett, R. B. Hutmacher, and R. M. Davis
pp. 165-170 Development of a DNA-based Macroarray for the Detection and Identification of [[em]]Fusarium oxysporum[[/em]] f. sp. [[em]]vasinfectum[[/em]] in Cotton Tissue
C.A. Gilbert, N. Zhang, R.B. Hutmacher, R.M. Davis, C.D. Smart
pp. 171-177 Method for the Prediction of the Rate of +b Color Change in Upland Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.) as a Function of Storage Temperatures
G.R. Gamble
Issue Editors
Issue 3 Table of Contents
pp. 178-187 Plant Population and Planting Date Effects on Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.) Growth and Yield
N.B. O’Berry, J.C. Faircloth, K. L. Edmisten, G. D. Collins, A. M. Stewart, A. O. Abaye, D. A. Herbert Jr., and R. A. Haygood
pp. 188-194 Evaluation of Toxicity of Selected Insecticides against Thrips on Cotton in Laboratory Bioassays
J. D. Lopez Jr., B. K. Fritz, M. A. Latheef, Y. Lan, D. E. Martin, and W. C. Hoffmann
pp. 195-201 Predator-Prey Interactions Between [[em]]Orius insidiosus[[/em]] (Heteroptera: Anthocoridae) and [[em]]Frankliniella tritici[[/em]] (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) in Cotton Blooms
Enoch A. Osekre, David L Wright, Jim J. Marois, and Daniel J. Mailhot
pp. 202-209 Modifying Gossypol in Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.): A Cost Effective Method
Jodi A. Scheffler, and Gabriela B. Romano
pp. 210-227 Economics of Management Zone Delineation in Cotton Precision Agriculture
M. Velandia, R. M. Rejesus, K. Bronson, and E. Segarra
pp. 228-236 Project to Use Common Baker's Yeast, [[em]]Saccharomyces cerevisiae[[/em]], to Mitigate Cotton Stickiness
D. T.W. Chun
pp. 237-245 Laboratory Detection of Plastics in Seedcotton with Ion Mobility Spectrometry
P. A. Funk, G. A. Eiceman, C. R. White, and W. White
pp. 246-252 Lint Cleaning with Two Air-jet Cleaners in Series
S. Le
pp. 253-263 Performance of a Modified Cylinder Cleaner, Part I
S. Le
pp. 264-272 Tissue Culture-independent [[em]]In Planta[[/em]] Transformation Strategy: an [[em]]Agrobacterium tumefaciens[[/em]]-Mediated Gene Transfer Method to Overcome Recalcitrance in Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.)
E. Keshamma, S. Rohini, K. S. Rao, B. Madhusudhan, and M. Udaya Kumar
pp. 273-279 Isolation and Characterization of an ADP-Glucose Pyrophosphorylase Gene from [[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.
E. Taliercio
pp. 280-286 Investigation of Antibacterial Properties of Silver Nanoparticle-loaded Poly (acrylamide-co-itaconic acid)-Grafted Cotton Fabric
P. Gupta, M. Bajpai, and S. K. Bajpai
pp. 287-297 Instrumental and Operational Impacts on Spectrophotometer Color Measurements
J. Rodgers, D. Thibobeaux, X. Cui, V. Martin, M. Watson, and J. Knowlton
pp. 298-305 A Comparison of Methods for Measuring the Short Fiber Content of Cotton
D. Thibodeaux, H. Senter, J. L. Knowlton, D. McAlister, and X. Cui
pp. 306-310 Distribution of Glyphosate-Resistant Palmer Amaranth ([[em]]Amaranthus palmeri[[/em]]) in Georgia and North Carolina during 2005 and 2006
A. S. Culpepper, J. R. Whitaker, A. W. MacRae, and A. C. York
pp. 311-317 Evaluation of Trifloxysulfuron plus Prometryn for Weed Control in Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.)
D.M. Dodds, M.T. Kirkpatrick, L.T. Barber, and D.B. Reynolds
pp. 318-324 Weed Control as Affected by Pendimethalin Timing and Application Method in Conservation Tillage Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.)
T.L. Grey, T.M. Webster, and A.S. Culpepper
Issue Editors
Issue 4 Table of Contents
pp. 325-330 Frequency of Enhanced Degradation of Aldicarb in Field Soils from the High Plains of Texas
T A.Wheeler, J. F. Leser, M. D. Arnold, M. N. Parajulee, and B. G. Mullinix Jr
pp. 331-344 Yield and Economic Response of Cotton to In-Row Deep Tillage and Furrow Irrigation in a Corn/Cotton Rotation on a Silty Clay Loam Soil
H. C. Pringle III, M. W. Ebelhar, and S. W. Martin
pp. 345-356 Quality Effects from the Addition of Moisture to Seed Cotton with Two Surfactants
Richard K. Byler, Gary R. Gamble, and J. Clif Boykin
pp. 357-367 History and Experiences with Small-Scale SampleEvaluations of Cotton, and Potential for Improvement
J. B. Price
pp. 368-377 The Impact of Short Fiber Content on the Quality of Cotton Ring Spun Yarn
D. Thibodeaux, H. Senter, J. L. Knowlton, D. McAlister, and X. Cui
pp. 378-385 Trifloxysulfuron-sodium Application Does Not Provide Season-long Plant Height Control or Hasten Maturity of Cotton ([[em]]Gossypium hirsutum[[/em]] L.)
N. B. O’Berry, J. C. Faircloth, K. L. Edmisten, G. D. Collins, D. A. Herbert, and A. O. Abaye
Eric F. Hequet
Issue Editors