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Comparison of <em>MIC-3</em> Protein Accumulation in Response to Root-knot Nematode Infection in Cotton Lines Displaying a Range of Resistance Levels

Authors: Franklin E. Callahan, Xiang-Dong Zhang, Din-Pow Ma, Johnie N. Jenkins, Russell W. Hayes, and Mark L. Tucker
Pages: 186-190
Molecular Biology and Physiology

The MIC-3 (Meloidogyne Induced Cotton protein) cDNA, corresponding to a 14 kDa protein whose expression is induced by infection with root-knot nematode (RKN) in a RKN resistant (R) cotton breeding line, was previously cloned and sequenced. In this study, a polyclonal antibody to the MIC-3 protein was developed through transformation and over-expression of a MIC-3 fusion protein in an E. coli system. The antibody was then used as a probe to further verify the relationship between the MIC-3 cDNA and the 14 kDa protein and to assess levels of 14 kDa (MIC) protein accumulation in a larger group of RKN resistant breeding lines and susceptible cultivars of cotton. The MIC antiserum recognized the 14 kDa protein and revealed a negative correlation between the amount of MIC protein in root tissues and root galling index.