What Is Naturalis-L? Development of Naturalis-L for the Control of Cotton Insects

Jane Yuster


The increasing number of insect species that are resistant to traditional chemical insecticides, combined with the need for products that are not detrimental to the environment, has created an unprecedented investment in the development of alternate approaches to the control of insect pests which cause economic damage to agricultural production. Fermone Corporation, Incorporated, (FCI) has been working with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) on the development of the insect specific fungus Beauveria bassiana. The formulated product, known as Naturalis-L, has been proven efficacious in the control of several major insect pests which cause significant economic damage to cotton production. This efficacy has been demonstrated over years and in the United States as well as internationally. Naturalis-L has not shown any significant risk to humans nor to beneficial insects or predators. Fermone believes that Naturalis-L will play a major role for the control of cotton insects in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems.

Reprinted from Proceedings of the 1994 Beltwide Cotton Conferences pp. 1085 - 1087
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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