Cotton Insect Losses - 1989

Robert B. Head


The following information was compiled from information submitted by the following extension specialists from cotton producing states:

Alabama -- Dr. Ronald H. Smith Arkansas -- Dr. Don Johnson Arizona -- Dr. Leon Moore California -- Dr. Peter B. Goodell Florida -- Dr. R.K. Sprenkel Georgia -- Dr. William R. Lambert, III Louisiana -- Dr. James S. Tynes Mississippi -- Dr. Robert B. Head Missouri -- Dr. Ray Nabors New Mexico -- Dr. Charles R. Ward North Carolina -- Dr. Jack Bachelor Oklahoma -- Dr. Richard Price South Carolina -- Dr. Mitchell Roof Tennessee -- Dr. Richard E. Caron Texas -- Dr. Ray Frisbie Virginia -- Dr. James Roberts, Sr.

The information was collected from county agents, research entomologists, private consultants and extension specialists.

Data is presented for a beltwide summary and for each state and sub-area within the state in alphabetical order.

Data collection was partially funded by a grant from The Cotton Foundation.

Highlights Data for these computations are provided by cotton entomologists from their respective states. Data is obtained by surveys of county agents, producers, research entomologists and private consultants. In 1989, the Boll Weevil (Anthonomus grandis) is credited with the greatest loss at 2.75%. Other arthropods producing high losses are Lygus sp. 2.05%, Heliothis sp. 1.87%, and spider mites 1.11%. New or minor pests reported as being important on local levels were Soybean loopers - .91% loss Central Alabama, 1.29% South Alabama, .27% loss Georgia, .34% loss in Florida, 12,000 acres over threshold in district 14, Texas.

Reprinted from 1990 Proceedings: Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences pp. 157 - 162
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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