Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Joint: Cotton Engineering-Systems/Ginning/Utilization Conferences
Table of Contents

Cotton Fiber and Moisture – Some of the Basics

Alfred D. French, Wilton R. Goynes, Marie-Alice Rousselle, and Devron P. Thibodeaux

Bale Moisture Addition – A Case Study

Ed Hughs, Carlos Armijo, Kevin Baker, and David McAlister

Bale Moisture Addition – A Case Study, Part II

Everett Backe, David McAlister, and Ed Hughs

Study of Moisture Restoration at Midsouth Gins in 2003

W. Stanley Anthony

Microwave Bale Moisture Sensing: Field Trial

M.G. Pelletier

Moisture Change in Cotton Bales Stored in Different Bagging

W. Stanley Anthony

Moisture Monitoring and Control Options: Finding the Right System for Your Gin

Mark Gentry

Performance of Module Covers in Resisting Moisture Penetration

Shay L. Simpson and Stephen W. Searcy

Module Bottom Moisture Content Indicating Sensor – Progress Report

Richard K. Byler and W. Stanley Anthony

Bale Moisture Addition with a Rotor Spray System

Kevin D. Baker, S. Ed Hughs, and David D. McAlister

Multi Sensors Control Moisture for Best Value and Lower Operating Costs

Mike Gvili

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