Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Joint: Cotton Improvement/Utilization Conferences
Table of Contents

Effect of Cultivar and Area of Growth on Moisture Properties of Cotton Fiber

Marie-Alice Rousselle, Alfred D. French, and Devron P. Thibodeaux

A Comparison of Transgenic and Conventional Cultivars: (Part I) Yield, HVI, and AFIS

Philip J. Bauer and David D. McAlister, III

Incorporation of Acala and Pima Quality into Cotton Varieties Adapted to the Texas South Plains

Dick L. Auld, Efrem Bechere, Eric F. Hequet, and Roy G. Cantrell

The Effect of Sampling Method on Fiber Quality Measurements

Albert G. Santos and Don L. Keim

Comparison of Conventional and Breeder Sample Methods for Fiber Quality Parameters

J. Clif Boykin and John B. Creech

Micro-Spinning and Small-Scale Spinning: A Preliminary Assessment and Comparison

John B. Price and William D. Meredith, Jr.

Variety Blending in Tennessee – Year Two

Chism Craig and C.O. Gwathmey

Micronaire Performance Comparison

Martin Schreiner

Stepwise Improvement for Fiber Quality and Yield in Cultivar Development

Dawn Fraser and Cindy Green

What Breeders Can Learn from NCVT Spinning Tests – A New Data Mining Approach

C.D. Delhom, J.H. Campbell, and D.P. Thibodeaux

Genotype-Related Differences in Length Uniformity, Maturity Uniformity and Perimeter

Gayle Davidonis, W. David Caldwell, and Donald Boquet

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