Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Cotton Soil Management and Plant Nutrition Conference
Table of Contents

Crop Yields and Profitability of Rotations with Cotton

Donald J. Boquet, Kenneth Paxton, Ernest Clawson, and Wayne Ebelhar

Impact of Winter Annual Grazing and Conservation Tillage on Soil Properties and Crop Productivity in a Cotton-Peanut Rotation in the Coastal Plain

G. Siri-Prieto, D.W. Reeves, R.L. Raper, and B.E. Gamble

Cullars Rotation (C. 1911): America's Oldest Continuous Cotton Fertility Experiment

Charles C. Mitchell and Dennis Delaney

Tillage and Rotation Effects on Labile Organic Carbon and Aggregation in a Cotton Cropping System

Scott M. Kolodziej, Frank M. Hons, Alan L. Wright, and David A. Zuberer

Nutrient Management in Cotton-Sorghum Rotation vs. Cotton – Cotton Monoculture

J.D. Booker, K.F. Bronson, J.W. Keeling, and C.L. Trostle

Demonstrating the Benefits of Variable Rate Nitrogen Applications for California Cotton Production

Brock Taylor, Richard E. Plant, Bruce A. Roberts, and Dan Munk

Spatial Analysis of Precision Agriculture Data: An Approach to Improve Management Zone Delineation Procedures for Texas Cotton

Margarita Velandia, Roderick M. Rejesus, Eduardo Segarra, and Kevin Bronson

Variable-Rate Nitrogen and Water for Irrigated Cotton in the Southern High Plains

K.F. Bronson, J.W. Keeling, J.D. Booker, J.P. Bordovsky, M.N. Parajulee, T.A. Wheeler, and R.K. Boman

Fertilization of Cotton on Black Belt Prairie Soils in Alabama

C.C. Mitchell, D.P. Delaney, R.P.Yates, and G. Huluka

Broiler Litter as a Complete Nutrient Source for Cotton

H. Tewolde, D.E. Rowe, and K.R. Sistani

Impact of Crop Management and Weather on Soil Nitrogen Accumulation

T.J. Gerik, E.M. Steglich, J.R. Williams, W.L. Harman, M.L. McFarland, F.M. Hons, J. Stapper, E. Perez, D.D. Fromme, and R. Jahn

Selected Foliar CoRoN® Applications as an Aid in Cotton Fertility Management

Michael P. Richardson, John E. Matocha, Michael M. Kenty, and Jim Thomas

Foliar Potassium, Lint Yields, and Fiber Quality

Bobby Phipps, Gene Stevens, and David Dunn

Can we Predict K Fixation in the San Joaquin Valley from Soil Texture and Mineralogy?

M. Murashkina, R.J. Southard, G.S. Pettygrove, A.T. O'Geen, B.A. Roberts, D.S. Munk, B.H. Marsh, and S.D. Wright

Reduced Tillage Cotton and Tomato Production System Evaluations in California

Dan Munk, Jon Wroble, Jeff Mitchell, Karen Klonsky, Rich DeMoura, William Horwath, and Randy Southard

Conservation System Impacts on Cotton Water Relationships and Productivity at the Landscape Level

J.A. Terra, D.W. Reeves, J.N. Shaw, E. van Santen, P.L. Mask, and R.L. Raper

Conservation Tillage Effects on Infiltration and Irrigation Advance Times in Arizona Cotton

E.C. Martin, K.O. Adu-Tutu, and W.B. McCloskey

Ideal Irrigation Deficit for Mid-South Cotton based on Soil Type

Joe Henggeler

Cullars Rotation (C. 1911): America's Oldest Continuous Cotton Fertility Experiment

Charles C. Mitchell and Dennis Delaney

Changes in Soil Properties from Dairy Manure Amendments used for Cotton

Robert Flynn

Cotton Rotations in New Mexico

Robert Flynn

Cotton Yields in Conventional and Conservation Tillage Systems under Different Irrigation Levels

K.S. Balkcom, D.L. Rowland, and M.C. Lamb

Determining the Correct Nitrogen Rate or Cotton in a Cotton/Soybean Rotation

Bobby Phipps, Gene Stevens, and David Dunn

Effect of Fertigation Regimes and Lateral Spacing on Nutrient Movement and Uptake in Cotton

Selvaraj Somasundaram, V. Veerabadran, T. Ragavan, and N. Natarajan

Effect of Mid-Season Foliar Nutrients upon Cotton Yield and Lint Quality in Western Kansas

Gary Shafer

Effect of Soil-Applied Potassium and Micronutrients on Cotton Yield, Fiber Quality, Petiole Nutrients, and Soil Properties

M. Mozaffari, W.N. Miley, S.J. McConnell, N.A. Slaton, and E. Evans

Evaluating CoRoN™ based Nutritional Systems for Cotton Production

Michael M. Kenty, James M. Thomas, Donald D. Howard, J.C. Banks, Shane Osborne, Charlie Burmester, Normie Buehring, Robert R. Dobbs, Mark P. Harrison, Jim Camberato, Chism Craig, David Dunn, William E. Stevens, Keith Edminsten, Glen Harris, Merrit Holman, John Matocha, J. Scott McConnell, A.M. Stewart, and Bill Weir

Foliar Nutrition for Texas Dryland Cotton

Robert C. Wilbur

Modeling Soil Erosion in Conservation Tillage Cotton Production Systems using the RUSLE Model

V. Jakkula, E.Z. Nyakatawa, and K.C. Reddy

Nitrogen Fertilization of Ultra Narrow Row Cotton

J.S. McConnell, M. Mozaffari, B.A. Myers, and R.E. Glover

Residue Management and Tillage Effects on Cotton Establishment, Growth, and Yield

R. Scott Van Pelt and Calvin L. Trostle

Rotation, Tillage, and Nitrogen Rate Effects on Cotton Growth and Yield

F.M. Hons, A.L. Wright, S.M. Kolodziej, V.A. Saladino, R.L. Lemon, M.L. McFarland, and D.A. Zuberer

Soil CO2 Effluxes in Conventional and Conservation Tillage Systems with Poultry Litter Application

T. Roberson, E.Z. Nyakatawa, C.K. Reddy, and R.L. Raper

Soil Influences on Water Uptake Patterns in Cotton

Daniel Munk

Spatial Variability of Enzyme Activities, Chemical Properties, and Plant Characteristics in a Semiarid Soil

R.J. Lascano, J. Booker, D.R. Upchurch, V. Acosta-Martínez, B.M. McMichael, and S. Maas

Using a Handheld Digital Camera to Monitor Bt and Non-Bt Cotton Varieties with Different Levels of Nitrogen and Potassium

M.A. Delaney, D.P. Delaney, C.D. Monks, C. Mitchell, R. Goodman, and D. Moore

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