Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Cotton Quality Measurements Conference
Table of Contents

Quality Requirements on Export Markets for U.S. Cotton

Gérald Estur

Measuring the Spatial Variability of Cotton Fiber Properties

Gretchen F. Sassenrath, J. Ray Williford, and H.C. Lyle Pringle, III

Variability of Cotton Fiber Quality in West Texas

Wenxuan Guo, Stephan Maas, Eric Hequet, Robert Lascano, and Jerry Brightbill

AFIS: A Lab and Mill Comparison

Kathleen Van Winkle and Norma Keyes

The Relationship between Fiber Maturity and Moisture Content

Gary R. Gamble

Evaluation of HVI Moisture Measurements

Steve L. Grantham

Design and Implementation of an Upgraded FMT Incorporating a 10 Gram Sample

Andrew M. Abbott, Stuart R. Lucas, Geoffrey R.S. Naylor, and Craig R. Tischler

Update on Micronaire, Maturity and Fineness Research

J.G. Montalvo and T.M. Von Hoven

Instrumentation for Rapid Direct Measurement of Cotton Fibre Fineness and Maturity

Stuart Gordon and Geoff Naylor

Update on the Image Analysis of Cotton Fibers Cross-Sections

Eric F. Hequet and Bobby Wyatt

Measurement of Fiber Maturity using Image Analysis of Cross-Sections: The Australian Experience

Graham J. Higgerson, Geoffrey R.S. Naylor, and Margaret Pate

Evaluation of Short Fiber Measurement Methods

James L. Knowlton

Repeatability of AFIS Distributions

Eric F. Hequet

Statistical Parameters of Cotton Short Fibers

Xiaoliang “Leon” Cui, Devron Thibodeaux, Kearny Robert, Timothy Calamari, David McAlister, and Michael D. Watson

Effect of Fiber Entanglements on AFIS Readings

Eric F. Hequet

Further Experience with Image-Based Length Measurements, Li

Frederick M. Shofner, Yupeng Zhang, C. Kyle Shofner, J.P. Caux, and Kipp W. Julius

Preliminary Evaluation of an Image based Length Measurement

Eric F. Hequet

Small Trash Identification in Cotton using Imaging Techniques

M. Siddaiah, M.A. Lieberman, S.E. Hughs, and J. Foulk

Trash Identification in Mill Laydown

Jonn Foulk, David McAlister, and K.B. Kulasekera

Assessment of Trash Content of Cotton using 2D X-Ray Imagery

Mehmet S. Dogan, Sri Kaushik Pavani, Hamed Sari-Sarraf, and Eric F. Hequet

Sampling Issues for Stickiness Measurements

Richard Frydrych, Jean-Paul Gourlot, Eric Gozé, Bernard Lebrun, Serge Lassus, Jean-Charles Nieweadomski, Jean-Yves Drean, and Mohamed Lekcir

Influence of Moisture Content on Adhesion Force of Some Physiological Sugars

Asma Amara, J.Y. Drean, M. Nardin, A. Defoin, and R. Frydrych

Microbial Census and Cotton Bale Moisture during a 6-Month Storage

David T.W. Chun, David D. McAlister, Sidney E. Hughs, and Dean R. Cobb

Effects of Ginning and Carding Rates on Mantis® Single Fiber Properties of Cotton – From Raw Stock to Washed Garments

Moon W. Suh, Song J. Doh, and Michael D. Watson

Effects of Ginning and Carding Rates on Yarn and HVI Bundle Tensile Properties of Cotton

Moon W. Suh, Song J. Doh, and Michael D. Watson

Predicting the Nep Number in Cotton Ring – Spun Yarn Using the Coefficient of Nep and Trash Visibility

Iwona Frydrych and Malgorzata Matusiak

Application of MDTA-3 Device for Optimization of Fiber Blends for Cotton Yarn Production

Malgorzata Matusiak and Iwona Frydrych

Objective Evaluation of Fabric Smoothness

E.F. Hequet, N. Abidi, C. Turner, and H. Sari-Sarraf

Surface Changes of Cotton Fabrics Measured by Allasso Industries' Surface Analyzers

Judy B. Holden, Norma M. Keyes, Kathleen B. Van Winkle, and Olin Stewart

The Tactile Behavior of Textile Materials: New Perspectives – Part I: Fabric Handle Behavior

Fatma Kilinc, Yehia El Mogahzy, Mounir Hassan, Ramsis Farag, and Ahmed S. El-Deeb

The Tactile Behavior of Textile Materials: New Perspectives – Part II: Fabric Surface Characteristics

Mounir Hassan, Yehia El Mogahzy, Fatma Kilinc, Ramsis Farag, Rezk A. El-Bialy, Ahmed S. El-DEeb, and Ahmed Tolba

Effects of Ginning and Carding on Tensile and Morphological Properties of Cotton after Repeated Washing and Drying

Moon W. Suh, Song Jun Doh, and Michael D. Watson

UATR-FTIR and HPLC Analysis of Sticky Deposits

N. Abidi and E.F. Hequet

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