Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Cotton Ginning Conference
Table of Contents

Cotton Ginning Trends

Thomas D. Valco and Bill M. Norman

Quality of the 2003 Crop

Robbie L. Seals

Ensuring Quality and Efficiency in the USDA Cotton Program

Angela R. Hooper-Sanders

Leaf Grade and Extraneous Matter Classification

Norma R. McDill

Module Averaging Statistics from the 2003 Crop

Darryl W. Earnest

Fiber Length Study

Martin Schreiner

Fiber Quality of Roller Ginned Upland Cotton

C.B. Armijo and M.N. Gillum

Fiber Quality Characteristics of Conventional Controlled-Batt versus Non-Conventional Flow-Through Saw-Type Lint Cleaners

Ross D. Rutherford, Donald W. Van Doorn, and Joe W. Thomas

Investigation of Experimental Lint Cleaner

W. Stanley Anthony

Estimating the Impact of Computerized Gin Process Control Technology

Kenneth W. Paxton

Evaluation of Selected Gin Saw Tooth Designs

Ed Hughs and David McAlister

The Powered Roll Gin Stand a Gin's Perspective

James W. Askew, Greg A. Holt, and J. Weldon Laird

Multi Scenario Case Study of a Fuel Pellet Manufacturing Operation utilizing Cotton Waste

Ana Maria Canto, Angela Sandoval, David Chiu, Mario Beruvides, Pelin Altintas, Greg Holt, Steve Shields, and James Simonton

The Coby Process: Bedding Mulch Study Results

Greg Holt, Mike Buser, Mathew Pelletier, Daren Harmel, Ken Potter, and Ed Lee

The Coby Process: Erosion Control Study Results

Greg Holt, Mike Buser, Mathew Pelletier, Daren Harmel, Ken Potter, and Ed Lee

EPA Oil Spill Prevention Regulations affecting Cotton Production and Ginning

P.J. Wakelyn, D.W. Thompson, B.M. Norman, C.B. Nevius, and R.A. Isom

Particle Size Distribution of Particulate Matter Emitted by Agricultural Operations: Impacts on FRM PM10 and PM2.5 Concentration Measurements

Sergio C. Capareda, Lingjuan Wang, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., and Bryan W. Shaw

U.S. Codes Applicable to Baled Cotton Storage – Revision of Codes and Standards: International Code Council and National Fire Protection Association

P.J. Wakelyn, D. Thompson, and C.B. Nevius

Systems Analysis of Ginning Seasons and Seed Cotton Transport

Shay L. Simpson, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., and Stephen W. Searcy

Changes in Gin Stand Power Consumption for Different Cotton Varieties

J. Clif Boykin

Application of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in Urban versus Rural Environments

Bryan W. Shaw, Ron E. Lacey, Sergio Capareda, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., John Wanjura, and Lingjuan Wang

A Simulated Approach to Estimating PM10 and PM2.5 Concentrations Downwind from Cotton Gins

John D. Wanjura, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., Bryan W. Shaw, Ronald E. Lacey, and Michael D. Buser

Motorized Grid Bars allows Variable Lint Cleaning

Mike Gvili

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