Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Cotton Engineering-Systems Conference
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Spindle Picker 15-Inch Row Pattern Influence on Lint Yield and Plant Characteristics: One Year's Progress

N.W. Buehring, M.P. Harrison, R.R. Dobbs, M.H. Willcutt, E.P. Columbus, T.C. Needham, and J.B. Phelps

Evaluation of a 15-Inch Spindle Harvester in Various Row Patterns: One Year's Progress

M.H. Willcutt, E.P. Columbus, N.W. Buehring, M.P. Harrison, and R.R. Dobbs

Quality of Spindle-Picked Cotton

Kevin D. Baker, S. Ed Hughs, and James Mackey

Instantaneous Accuracy of Cotton Yield Monitors

Calvin Perry, George Vellidis, Natasha Wells, Rodney Hill, Andrew Knowlton, Eugene Hart, and Dewayne Dales

The Economic Impact of a Cotton Picker with an Onboard Module Builder

D.W. Parvin

Viscoelastic Properties of Seed Cotton and their Effect on Module Shape and Density

Robert G. Hardin, IV, Stephen W. Searcy, and Shay L. Simpson

2003 Thermal Defoliation Trials

Paul A. Funk, Carlos B. Armijo, David D. McAlister, III, Alan D. Brashears, Michael R. McGuire, Brad E. Lewis, Robert B. Hutmacher, and Bruce A. Roberts

Precision Agriculture: A Tool for COTMAN

David W. Geiger, Stephen W. Searcy, and Dan D. Fromme

Seed-Specific Chemical Application System: Field Testing and Improvements

John Wilkerson, John Hancock, Henry Moody, and Melvin Newman

Uncertainty Associated with Particulate Matter Concentration Measurements from Agricultural Operations

Jacqueline E. Price, Ron E. Lacey, Bryan W. Shaw, and Calvin B. Parnell, Jr.

A Theoretical Approach to Correcting PM10 Oversampling Problem for Agricultural Dust

Lingjuan Wang, Calvin B. Parnell, Jr., Bryan W. Shaw, Ronald E. Lacey, Barry L. Goodrich, Sergio C. Capareda, and Michael D. Buser

Comparison of Strip Tillage Systems in Coastal Plain Soils for Cotton Production

Ahmad Khalilian, Michael Jones, Mike Sullivan, James Frederick, Phil Bauer, and Warren Busscher

Modeling Soil Compaction with Soil Electrical Conductivity and Yield for Cotton

Subodh Kulkarni, Sreekala Bajwa, Gary Huitink, Bill Baker, and Mitch Crow

Site-Specific Application of Cotton Harvest Aids using Remotely Sensed Imagery

Jon J. Fridgen, Susan White, Bruce Roberts, and Ted Sheely

Spectral Reflectance Estimates of Cotton Biomass and Yield

Donald F. Wanjura, Dan R. Upchurch, and Steve Maas

Remotely Sensed versus Ground-Based Weed Mapping in Cotton

Ruixiu Sui, J. Alex Thomasson, Shea Fox, James Hanks, and James Wooten

Remotely Sensed Plant Height Input to Cotton Growth Model in GIS Framework

J. Alex Thomasson, Swapna Gogineni, Bulli M. Kolla, James M. McKinion, Javed Iqbal, and Ruixiu Sui

Whatever Happened to GOSSYM?

Mariquita Y.L. Boone, Raja K. Reddy, David W. Brand, and Vangimalla R. Reddy

Sensitivity of GOSSYM Cotton Growth Model to Soil Variability and Site-Specific Management

R.W. Clouse and S.W. Searcy

Determining the Optimum Timing for the Final Drip Irrigation on Cotton based on Crop Monitoring: West Texas

Warren Multer, Jeremy Gully, C.G. Sansone, and Stephen Biles

Determining the Optimum Timing for the Final Irrigation on Mid-South Cotton

Earl Vories, Tina Teague, Jeremy Greene, William Robertson, Phil Tacker, Jason Stewart, Bobby Phipps, Joel Faircloth, and Ernie Clawson

Water use Comparison of Long and Medium Maturity Cotton in the San Joaquin Valley

Daniel S. Munk, Jon Wroble, Richard L. Snyder, Robert Hutmacher, and Jerry Robb

Economics of Subsurface Drip-Line Spacing for Cotton

J. Enciso-Medina, B. Thompson, J. Robinson, and W.L. Multer

Minimum Subsoiling Frequency for Conservation Systems in the Tennessee Valley

R.L. Raper, E.B. Schwab, K.S. Balkcom, C.H. Burmester, and D. Wayne Reeves

Arkansas Irrigation Scheduling Computer Program – A Decision Aid

Phil Tacker, Earl Vories, Wayne Smith, and Andy Vangilder

California Ag 20/20 Project – Developing Remote Sensing Aids for Cotton

J.C. Ojala and B.A. Roberts

Leaf Indices to Quantify Nitrogen in Cotton

J. Ojala, W. DeTar, J. Chesson, V. Penner, and H. Funk

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