Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Cotton Economics and Marketing Conference
Table of Contents

Cotton Market Outlook under Export-Driven Conditions

Carl G. Anderson

Exports and the Future of the U.S. Cotton Industry: Influence of Selected Trade Policy Issues

Mechel S. Paggi

2002 Farm Bill base and Yield Options Decisions made by Cotton Producers

Steven A. Neff

The Latest Trends in Marketing U.S. Pima and Global ELS Cottons

Matthew S. Laughlin

Estimation of U.S. Consumer Purchase Decision and Demand for Apparel: Implications for the Apparel Industry

Mohamadou L. Fadiga, Sukant K. Misra, and Octavio A. Ramirez

Cost Competition for U.S. Textiles: Will Yarn follow the Needle?

Conrad P. Lyford and J. Mark Welch

The Mill-Level Price of Quality Cotton in the U.S.

Conrad P. Lyford, Sangnyeol Jung, and Don E. Ethridge

One or Many European Union Cotton Demands?

Jose A. Lopez and Jaime Malaga

Factors Affecting Adoption of Cotton Precision Farming Technologies in the Southeast

R.K. Roberts, B.C. English, J.A. Larson, R.L. Cochran, W.R. Goodman, S.L. Larkin, M.C. Marra, S.W. Martin, W.D. Shurley, and J.M. Reeves

Estimating Demand for Precision Technology in an Emerging Market: Cotton Yield Monitors in the Southeastern United States

Michele C. Marra, Ellen Wu, Roland K. Roberts, Burton C. English, James A. Larson, Rebecca L. Cochran, W. Robert Goodman, Sherry L. Larkin, Steven W. Martin, and W. Donald Shurley

A Case Study Analysis of a Precision Farming System for Cotton

J.A. Larson, R.K. Roberts, B.C. English, R.L. Cochran, and T. Sharp

An Economic Comparison of Transgenic and Non-Transgenic Cotton Production Systems in Arkansas

Kelly Bryant, Jeremy Greene, Chuck Capps, Frank Groves, Chris Tingle, Glenn Studebaker, Fred Bourland, Bob Nichols, and Jeanne Reeves

Economic vs. Biological Goals in Technology Adoption

Susan Watson, Darren Hudson, and Eduardo Segarra

Impacts of Bt Cotton Adoption: What State-Level Data Can and Can't Tell Us

George Frisvold and Ricardo Pochat

Producer Adjustments to increasing Production Costs and New Production Technology

Dave Parvin

Acreage Allocation of Cotton and Rotation Crops in Georgia

Archie Flanders, W. Don Shurley, and Nathan B. Smith

A Comparison of Production Costs for Alternative Cotton Tillage Systems in the Rolling Plains of Texas

Jason Johnson and Wade Polk

Measuring Lower Tractor Costs from Reduced Tillage in Cotton: Preliminary Results

John R.C. Robinson, Shelley U. Underbrink, Lawrence L. Falconer, Jason L. Johnson, and Bill J. Thompson

The Dollars and Cents of Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI) for Cotton in the Southern High Plains of Texas

Vernon D. Lansford, Eduardo Segarra, and James P. Bordovsky

Water Conservation Policy Alternatives for the Texas Southern High Plains

Jeff Johnson, Phillip Johnson, Eduardo Segarra, and David Willis

Potential Economic Benefits of Adjusting Cotton Dryland Practices based on Seasonal Rainfall Expectations

Naveen Musunuru, Eduardo Segarra, S.J. Mass, R.E. McDonald, and W.L. Harman

Yield, Quality, and Economic Impacts of 2002 Harvest Season Rainfall in the Mississippi Delta

Thomas B. Freeland, Jr., Steven W. Martin, M. Wayne Ebelhar, and William R. Meredith, Jr.

An Economic Analysis of Climate Change on Cotton Production across the U.S. Cotton Belt: Preliminary Results

Beth Lemberg Hima, Yao-chi Lu, Alec Richardson, and K. Raja Reddy

Structural Time Series Analysis of U.S. Cotton Exports

Mohamadou Fadiga

The Future of U.S. Cotton Exports: Prospects and Uncertainties

Phil Peabody, Samerendu Mohanty, David Willis, and Jaime Malaga

U.S. Cotton Subsidies under Fire: Would Subsidy Elimination really Help Farmers Worldwide?

Kelly J. Tiller and Harwood D. Schaffer

Effects of MFA Quota Elimination: Declining U.S. Cotton Exports to Mexico?

Jose E. Lopez and Jaime E. Malaga

Impacts of Bt Cotton Adoption in the United States and China

George Frisvold, Russell Tronstad, and Jeanne M. Reeves

Future Potential of Brazilian Cotton Exports

L. Vado, D. Willis, and S. Mohanty

Business and Financial Risk of Cotton Producers in the Texas High Plains

Ginger Sides and Phillip Johnson

Will providing Custom Variable Rate Application Services be Profitable for your Agribusiness?

Rebecca L. Cochran, James A. Larson, Roland K. Roberts, and Burton C. English

An Estimated 2003 Texas-Oklahoma Pre-Season Price Schedule based on Market History

Dane Sanders, Sukant Misra, and Don Ethridge

Cotton Reduced Tillage Systems ND Effect on Cost and Return

Robert Dobbs, Normie Buehring, Mark Harrison, Stan Spurlock, and John Black

Cotton Reduced Tillage and Rotation Effect on Whole Farm Profitability

Normie Buehring, Robert Dobbs, Mark Harrison, Stan Spurlock, and John Black

Cotton Tillage Characteristics in the Mississippi Delta

Steven W. Martin and Fred Cooke

Cotton Yield Response to Reduced Tillage Systems and Rotation

Mark Harrison, Normie Buehring, and Roberts Dobbs

Economic Effect of Late Irrigation on Mid-South Cotton

Robert Hogan, Jr., Earl Vories, Jason Stewart, Jeremy Greene, William Robertson, Phil Tacker, Bobby Phipps, Lyle Pringle, Ernie Clawson, Joel Faircloth, and Steve Hague

Profitability of Cotton Production in the Texas High Plains 1996-2002

Ginger Sides and Phillip Johnson

Texas-Oklahoma Producer Cotton Market Summary: 2002/2003

Dane Sanders, Sukant Misra, and Don Ethridge

Transgenic Cotton in Mexico: A Case Study of the Comarca Lagunera

G. Traxler, A.S. Godoy, and Z.J. Falck

Whole Farm Economic Analysis of Precision Farming Practices

Steven W. Martin and James Hanks

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