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Decision Aids: Tomorrow's Solutions Today
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Application of COTMAN to Productivity Zones within a Center Pivot Irrigation System

Robert Flynn

COTMAN as a Site-Specific Management Tool

Steve Searcy, David Geiger, and Dan D. Fromme

Relationships among Full Season Crop Inputs and Productivity Zones for Total Variable Rate Cotton Systems Management Determined by Aircraft and Ground based Imaging Combined with the COTMAN System

Tim C. Sharp

Application of Site-Specific Data in Cotton Production Practices

B.R. Leonard, R. Bagwell, J. Temple, R. Price, R. Downer, K. Paxton, D. Magoun, and H. Anderson

California Ag 20/20 Project – Developing Remote Sensing Aids for Cotton

J.C. Ojala and B.A. Roberts

Remote Sensing for Precision Agriculture in the Texas High Plains

Stephan Maas, Jerry Brighbill, and Jon Hooton

Remote-Sensing Measures of Cotton Maturity – Cutout and Boll Opening

F. Aubrey Harris, Patrick J. English, Donald L. Sudbrink, Steve P. Nichols, Charles E. Snipes, Gene Wills, and James Hanks

Using Photography for making Replant Decisions

Bobby J. Phipps, Andrea S. Phillips, and Bobby J. Tanner

CYMIDA – A Cotton Yield Monitor Investment Decision Aid

J.A. Larson, B.C. English, R.K. Roberts, and R.L. Cochran

The Economics of Adoption of Precision Farming

David Zilberman, Teresa Serra, Jeanne M. Reeves, and Edward M. Barnes

Overview and Update of the COTMAN™ Crop Monitoring System

Diana M. Danforth, Mark J. Cochran, and Patricia O'Leary

Field Guide to COTMAN Data Collection

Diana M. Danforth, Tina Gray Teague, Ray Benson, and William Robertson

Growth and Fruiting of Cotton Relative to COTMAN

Derrick Oosterhuis, Fred Bourland, Diana M. Danforth, and Tina Gray Teague

Further Examination of COTMAN and Grower Production Records as a Basis for Farm-Wide Management of Cotton Insects

R.G. Luttrell, Diana Danforth, Bryce Blackman, Tina Gray Teague, Mandy McFall, Dale Wells, David Wildy, Steven Wall, Thad Freeland, and Patricia O'Leary

Adaptation of COTMAN for use in UNR Cotton

C. Owen Gwathmey, Josh B. Bynum, J. Tom Cothren, Keith L. Edmisten, Jack T. Reed, Ryan P. Viator, and Earl D. Vories

Evaluation of Skip-Row Cotton on the Texas Upper Coast

Dan D. Fromme, Roy D. Parker, and Lawrence L. Falconer

Are COTMAN's Compensation Capacity Values Set Too Low?

James F. Leser, Brant Baugh, Randy Boman, and Tommy Doederlein

Consequences of Square Shed following Pre-Flower Infestations of Tarnished Plant Bug (Lygus Linneolaris Palisot de Beauvois) in Arkansas Cotton

Tina Gray Teague, S. Coy, Diana M. Danforth, N.P. Tugwell, and E.J. Villavaso

Spatial Yield Distribution in Cotton following Early-Season Square Loss

Phillip Roberts and Craig Bednarz

Boll Removal Studies and Field Surveys to Improve Management of Bug Species in Virginia Cotton

D. Ames Herbert, Jr. and Sean Malone

Use of COTMAN in Insect Management Research

Andy M. Cranmer, Megha N. Parajulee, James F. Leser, Padma L. Bommireddy, and Ram B. Shrestha

Cotton Growth and Development after Application of Trifloxysulfuron (Envoke) in Cotton

Jim L. Barrentine, Oscar C. Sparks, and Marilyn R. McClelland

Determining the Optimum Timing for the Final Drip Irrigation on Cotton based on Crop Monitoring: West Texas

Warren Multer, Jeremy Gully, C.G. Sansone, and Stephen Biles

Timing the Last Irrigation using COTMAN in a Lepa Irrigation System

Tommy Doederlein, Brant Baugh, Randy Boman, and Dana Porter

Economic Effect of Late Irrigation on Mid-South Cotton

Robert Hogan, Jr., Earl Vories, Jason Stewart, Jeremy Greene, William Robertson, Phil Tacker, Bobby Phipps, Lyle Pringle, Ernie Clawson, Joel Faircloth, and Steve Hague

Furrow Irrigation Initiation in Arkansas Cotton: A Five-Year Evaluation using COTMAN

Tina Gray Teague, Earl J. Vories, Diana M. Danforth, and N.P. Tugwell

Defining Boll and Yield Tolerance to Late-Season Cotton Insect Pests in Louisiana

K.D. Emfinger, B.R. Leonard, M.M. Willrich, J.D. Siebert, J.H. Fife, J.S. Russell, J. Gore, and J.J. Adamczyk

Economics of COTMAN Insecticide Termination in Bt and Boll Weevil Eradication Systems

Diana M. Danforth, Mark J. Cochran, Ray Benson, Greg Smith, Tina Gray Teague, and Jeremy Greene

Structural and Biochemical Changes in the Boll Wall in Support of the NAWF5+350 Heat Units Rule

Derrick Oosterhuis and Michelle Kim

Defoliation based on Heat Units Beyond Cut-Out on Late Maturing Cotton

Bill Roberson, Chris Grimes, and Ray Benson

The Effect of an Upper Limit Temperature Threshold on Heat Unit Calculation, Defoliation Timing, Yield and Fiber Quality

D.D. Fromme, J.T. Cothren, and J.B. Bynum

Determining Optimal Timing of Site-Specific Applications of Cotton Harvest Aid Materials using Remotely Sensed Imagery and the COTMAN Plant Monitoring System

A. McFall, T.G. Teague, S. Coy, David Wildy, D.M. Danforth, Bill Robertson, F. Bourland, and Dale Wells

Irrigation Scheduling Approaches in the Far West

Daniel Munk, Bob Hutmacher, and Jonathan Wroble

Arkansas Irrigation Scheduling Computer Program – A Decision Aid

Phil Tacker, Earl Vories, Wayne Smith, and Andy Vangilder

Scheduling Irrigation on Cotton using Internet-Based Woodruff Irrigation Charts

J.C. Henggeler

Cotton Crop Water use and Irrigation Scheduling in Georgia

Craig W. Bednarz and Marshall C. Lamb

Optimizing Irrigation Water Applications

Calvin Perry, Stuart Pocknee, Craig Kvien, and George Vellidis

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Access to Weather Data and Crop Management Tools

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring Crop Water use and Growth in Cotton

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring Cotton Development

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

The Web-Based Crop-Weather Program for South Texas: Monitoring DD60 Accumulation after 5NAWF and Predicting Defoliation Date

C.J. Fernandez and T.N. Trolinger

Irrigation Investment Decision Aid

Kenneth Paxton, Deepti R. Chikkam, and Haritha Talluri

Evaluating Subsurface Drip Irrigation Applicability and Drip Line Spacing for Cotton in North Carolina

Garry L. Grabow, Rodney L. Huffman, Robert O. Evans, and Keith Edmisten

Weed Management with Cotton-HADSS, A New Computer-Based Decision Aid

Andrew J. Price, Gail G. Wilkerson, and John W. Wilcut

Utilizing Natural Biological Control by the Cotton Aphid Fungus

Don Steinkraus, Jon Zawislak, Gabriele Boys, Gus Lorenz, and Patricia O'Leary

Feeding Disruption Bioassay for Field Monitoring of Insect Susceptibility to Bt-Transgenic Crops and Traditional Pesticides

R. Michael Roe, Deborah M. Thompson, Jennifer L. Rhein, Kevin V. Donohue, Shengyou Long, Jack S. Bacheler, Clyde E. Sorenson, and Chester L. Sutula

Developing a Decision-Aid for the use of In-Furrow Fungicides

C.S. Rothrock, M.L. Schulz, E.E. Gbur, T.L. Kirkpatrick, and P.D. Colyer

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