Jan. 5-9, San Antonio, TX
Deborah A. Richter

Production Conference
Table of Contents

U.S. Cotton Industry Issues and Agenda

John Maguire

How Do We Produce and How Do We Sell It?

David Stanford

Understanding the Chinese Textile Market: Opportunities for U.S. Cotton

Robert P. Antoshak and Hunter Colby

“Today's Challenges, Tomorrow's Solutions” Report from NCC's Chairman

Robert W. Greene

Leadership Tour of Brazil, A Report

Woody Anderson

Trade Issues Facing the U.S. Cotton Industry

Mark Lange

Farm Program Support Mechanisms

Gary Adams

Marketplace Insights

William B. Dunavant, Jr.

Lint Contamination: A Serious Threat to U.S. Cotton

Andrew G. Jordan

Potential for Profitable Cotton Rotations

Robert L. Nichols, William D. Shurley, Robert P. Flynn, and Craig S. Rothrock

Opportunities for Crop Rotations when Water is Limiting

D. Krieg, R. Lascano, T. Baughman, B. Warrick, and J. Smith

Effects of Cotton and Rotation Crops on Nematodes and Plant Diseases

R.F. Davis, R.C. Kemerait, T.B. Brenneman, D. Wright, and W. Gazaway

Economic Consideration of Crop Rotations with Cotton

Gary Bullen, Bob Goodman, Tim Hewitt, and Don Shurley

The Role of Rotations in Cotton Production: Comparisons of Continuous Cotton with Two-Year Rotations and Three Crops in Two Years

Donald J. Boquet, Kenneth Paxton, Ernest Clawson, and Wayne Ebelhar

Cotton Variety and Biotech Update

Alexander M. Stewart

What We Know about the Weather: Short- and Long-Term Weather Trends

Brad Rippey

Varabile Rate Pivot Irrigation

Stuart Pocknee, Calvin Perry, Vickie Garrick, Gene Hart, Jim Hook, Craig Kvien Erin Macheski-Preston, Glen Rains, Mike Tucker, George Vellidis, Jennifer Wells, and Tasha Wells

Update on Drip Irrigation

James P. Bordovsky

Innovative Production Practices in the Southeast, A Cotton Grower's Perspective

Neal Isbell

Farming with Veris Data

Roger Carter

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