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April 15, 2014

ACElogoThe success or failure of a crop is highly dependent on obtaining and maintaining an acceptable stand. A poor start greatly narrows margins for error the remainder of the season. Plant uniformly spaced seeds with good seed-to-soil contact, warm soil temperatures of at least 65° F, and adequate soil moisture. Replanting is discouraged unless there is a significant loss of stand. A plant population of one plant per foot of row is often more desirable than replanting later in the planting season. Producers are reminded that they can access stand establishment tips and other valuable crop production information under the National Cotton Council's Advancing Cotton Education (ACE) program.

The ACE site at http://www.cotton.org/tech/ace/index.cfm includes such resources as the Cotton Physiology Today newsletters, Integrated Crop Management, "First Forty Days and Fruiting to Finish," Cotton Incorporated's Focus on Cotton and Cotton eXtension.

(Farm Press) Drought continues to exert a vise-like grip on much of Texas with the Panhandle taking the brunt of the long-term dry spell and showing a large expanse rated in extreme or exceptional drought status.
(Arizona Daily Star) Ronald Rayner has been fascinated with water since he was a boy on his father’s farm in Goodyear.
(Farm Press) As you contemplate all the acronyms — ARC, PLC, STAX, etc. —and complexities of the new crop insurance-based farm legislation, Keith Coble has some cautionary advice for you: “Don’t get terribly wrapped up in thinking that these programs are going to keep you in business.
(Farm Press) The 2014 Farm Bill updates certain requirements and modifies several loan programs administered by the Farm Service Agency.
(Farm Press) Since 2011 many Southwestern and Western livestock producers have suffered significant set backs and losses as a result of ongoing drought conditions.
(Farm Press) New crop (Dec14 futures) prices seem to have fully recovered from the most recent threat of 76 cents back in early February.
(Reuters) World trade is expected to grow by 4.7 percent in 2014, more than double the 2.1 percent increase last year, the WTO says.
OMAHA (DTN) -- Texas State Rep. Dan Flynn has heard from old-timers in rural areas who say they remember welding close to nearby ammonium nitrate stockpiles -- never thinking twice about whether it was risky.
(Farm Futures) Despite a 39% increase in the amount of debt held by U.S. farm businesses between 1992 and 2011, U.S. farms are now situated in a stable financial position, thanks to improving income and historically low interest rates, a pair of USDA farm income and ag management surveys say.
(Farm Press) You might sometimes hear the words “agricultural sustainability” tossed around during a conversation that mentions organic food production as a sustainable answer in feeding the globe’s rapidly expanding population.
(Farm Press) The new president of Bowles Farming Company carries the weight of overseeing an 11,000-acre farm during California’s water crisis, increasingly onerous regulations and environmental restraints, plus realizing he is the sixth generation to lead the Los Banos-area farm.
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