Interactions of Postemergence Herbicides with Staple

P. R. Vidrine, D. B. Reynolds


Field studies were conducted at Alexandria and St. Joseph, Louisiana to evaluate the compatibility of Staple in tank mixtures for controlling johnsongrass. Staple at 1 oz ai/A was used in combination with Assure II at 0.068 lb ai/A, Bugle at 0.098 lb ai/A, Fusilade 2000 at 0.188 lb ai/A, Poast Plus at 0.28 lb ai/A, Select at 0.125 lb ai/A, Roundup D-Pak at 1.0 lb ai/A, DSMA at 2.27 lb ai/A, and MSMA at 1.0 lb ai/A. A surfactant at 0.25% v/v was added to treatments.

At Alexandria, tank mix antagonism occurred when controlling johnsongrass after mixing Staple with either Poast Plus, Fusilade 2000, or Select. However, a synergistic effect was noted when mixing Staple with MSMA. No tank mix effects were observed when mixing Staple with Bugle, Assure II, or DSMA. Rainfall was 0.42 inches 1 week before treatment (WBT) and 2.02 inches 1 week after treatment (WAT).

At St. Joseph, a decrease in johnsongrass control occurred when Staple was mixed with each of the grass herbicides. However, a synergistic response did occur when Staple was mixed with Roundup. A total of only 0.16 inches of rain was recorded at this location from 1 WBT to 1 WAT.

Reprinted from Proceedings of the 1994 Beltwide Cotton Conferences pg. 1703
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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