Laboratory and Field Test with Boll Weevil Killing Station in Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas

D. A. Wolfenbarger, Priscilla K. MacLean, A. R. Quisumbing, W. Norris Starner, and J. A. Houghtaling


The boll weevil killing station (BWKS) device for boll weevil, Anthonomus grandis (Boheman), was evaluated in the Lower Rio Grande Valley southeast of Brownsville, Texas in 1993. Each BWKS device consisted of a dispenser for attracting the (30 mg grandlure) and an insecticide component (azinphosmethyl) for killing the insect. One month prior to planting 1 and 4 BWKS devices/0.4 ha were placed in and around fallow fields and 28 and 13 weevils/device/3 - 4 day interval were killed, respectively. At planting time another group of 1 and 4 devices was placed in and around cotton fields and 22 and 11 weevils/device/3-4 day interval were killed, respectively. Devices were then removed at "first" square. Four "bugcatcher" samplings were taken during 36 days beginning at "first" square and no weevils, 14 weevils/ha,and 15 weevils/ha were collected where 1,0 and 4 devices/0.4 ha were placed respectively. Where 1 BWKS/0.4 ha was placed <1 percentage damaged squares by weevils were determined 10 - 14 days longer than for untreated fields. The mean number of boll weevil captured in traps at five locations in the experimental area baited with a 30 mg grandlure dispenser ranged from 12.3 to 22.3 weevils/trap week from days 41-46 to 114-116. Number weevils captured in traps were fewer than weevils killed by the devices. Numbers were greater and the attraction lasted longer in traps baited with 30 mg grandlure than in traps where 10 mg grandlure dispensers were placed. Residues of 30 mg grandlure in laminated plastic were 50% less after 3 weeks. After 77 days, concentration of azinphosmethyl on the dispenser surface and boll weevil mortality were much less when the insecticide component was made with the 50% wettable powder formulation than where technical azinphosmethyl was incorporated in the plastic laminate.

Reprinted from Proceedings of the 1994 Beltwide Cotton Conferences pp. 1217 - 1225
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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