Control of Whitefly with Ovasyn® in 1993

Phillip Odom and Leon Moore


OVASYN®, containing the active ingredient amitraz, has been documented to enhance the activity of other insecticides. OVASYN received Federal Registration for use on cotton in 1993. The University of Arizona recommendations support the use of OVASYN in combination with pyrethroid and non-pyrethroid insecticides.

In 1993, OVASYN was used against the sweet potato whitefly (Strain B), Bemisia tabaci. Odom and Moore conducted 6 large commercial field trials on cotton using OVASYN in combination with, Phaser/Thiodan (endosulfan), Capture (bifenthrin), Mustang (zeta cypermethrin) and Danitol (fenpropathrin). Results show that OVASYN at 0.25 lb ai/A, combined with other insecticides, reduced egg and immature populations substantially. The combination of OVASYN at 0.25 lb ai/A and Phaser/Thiodan at 0.75 lb ai/A gives growers a non-pyrethroid choice in early season whitefly control. OVASYN + Phaser/Thiodan helps to avoid secondary buildup of mites, aphids, armyworms and other late season cotton pests.

Observations and data indicate that OVASYN and the combination of OVASYN + Phaser/Thiodan was easy on beneficials and provided control of cotton pests in Arizona.

OVASYN provides effective control of sweet potato whitefly when combined with pyrethroids and non-pyrethroid insecticides and can serve as a viable tool in resistance management or integrated pest management programs.

Reprinted from Proceedings of the 1994 Beltwide Cotton Conferences pg. 1121
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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