Genetic Enhancement of MAR Cottons for Resistance to Insects and Pathogens, Yield and Fiber Quality

P. M. Thaxton, K. M. El-Zik


The main emphasis of the Multi-Adversity Resistant (MAR) program is to breed and develop adapted new strains and cultivars for Texas with high yielding ability, earliness, improved fiber and seed quality, drought tolerance, and higher levels of resistance to pathogens and insects. Tests were conducted over a two year period at four locations to identify new advanced MAR-6 strains with improved traits over the previous MAR-1 to MAR-5 germplasm. New elite MAR-6 strains identified were CD3PIHP45H-2-89, CD3HGCBU8S-1-91, CBD3CDULBH-2-91, and CABU2HGC8H-2-91. CD3PIHP45H-2-89 has high yielding ability and fiber strength of 30 g/tex, and averages 5 g/tex higher than earlier MAR-1 and MAR-2 releases and 2.5 g/tex higher than Tamcot HQ95. In addition the MAR system is creating and identifying recombinations of genes for resistance to plant pathogens and insects. Further progressive improvements in lint yield potential, fiber quality, especially fiber strength, and resistance to pathogens and insects have been made in the new advanced MAR-6 germplasm.

Reprinted from Proceedings of the 1994 Beltwide Cotton Conferences pp. 658 - 661
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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