Cotton Insect Consultant for Expert Management (CIC-EM): An Expert System for Managing Cotton Insects

R.O. Bowden, R.G. Luttrell, and L.G. Brown


Cotton Insect Consultant for Expert Management (CIC-EM) is a rule-based expert system designed to assist cotton producers with control decisions for plant bugs, boll weevils, early season thrips, cutworms, western flower thrips, aphids, Heliothis spp., beet armyworms, fall armyworms, yellowstriped armyworms, whiteflies, loopers, and spider mites. CIC-EM was primarily built around a Mississippi State University entomologist's knowledge of the cotton pest management domain. The knowledge base was also influenced by other scientists, extension publications, and computer simulation results. The system's architecture and the development of automatic knowledge acquisition programs allowed us to represent approximately 5,200 scenarios in the knowledge base. Therefore, CIC-EM is the organization of a vast amount of data that can be quickly processed by a microcomputer. CIC-EM is not linked to a crop or insect simulation model and is ready for use at the production level.

Reprinted from 1990 Proceedings: Beltwide Cotton Production Research Conferences pp. 328 - 333
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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