Producer's Viewpoint

Steve Verett


As a producer, I can only speculate an answer to this statement based upon my visits and meetings with textile manufacturers.

The textile industry has undergone a major change within the last 10 years that has brought about complete changes in spinning technology and equipment that is much faster and so is more efficient. With this speed, however, comes the need for much closer tolerances and the need to have reliable information about more than just grade, staple and micronaire. The textile industry now talks in terms of color, trash, strength, uniformity, maturity and probably very soon may need even more quality measurements.

This information about fiber qualities is a very important to the textile industry and the reliability and accuracy are paramount.

The producer is dedicated to seeing that the government HVI class will be that accurate and reliable measurement that the textile industry world-wide can rely upon. We as producers feel that with the help of all segments involved in this industry, as well as cooperation with AMS, that we can have a reliable and accurate instrument evaluation system that the textile industry can rely on with a high level of confidence.

Reprinted from Proceedings: 1989 Beltwide Cotton Production Conference pg. 98
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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Document last modified Sunday, Dec 6 1998