Remarks from a Textile Mill Executive

W. Duke Kimbrell


Some recent news reports are saying that there's an upheaval underway in the cotton industry. There are those who are thinking that cotton won't be produced or ginned or marketed or spun in the coming years as it's done today. I agree!

All segments of the cotton industry are changing. Each seems to have is own particular needs. We in textiles want stronger, longer, finer, more uniform, mature cotton. Producers counter by saying that their fiber is discounted when it does have those fiber properties.

Following this same line of thinking, spinners say that heating and lint cleaning in the gin damage the fiber, thus lowering its value. On the other hand, growers and ginners argue that those processes raise the grade of the cotton, therefore boosting its value.

One can logically conclude from all this that both a real and pressing need exists in this industry for a new marketing system - one that will provide financial rewards for growers who produce cotton having those properties required for today's fabrics and tomorrow's spinning technology.

Reprinted from Proceedings: 1989 Beltwide Cotton Production Conference pp. 94 - 95
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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