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Ivyleaf Morning Glory [Ipomoea Hederacea (L.) Jacq.] and Slender Amaranth (Amaranthus Viridus L.) Control in BXN Cotton

H. R. Hurst


During 1995-1997, herbicides were applied preplant incorporated (PPI) either before or after hipping, preemergence (PRE), and postemergence over-the-top (OT) as needed to control a large, mixed population of ivyleaf morningglory [Ipomoea hederacea (L.) Jacq.] and slender amaranth (Amaranthus viridus L.). Ivyleaf morningglory was effectively controlled with Buctril (bromoxynil) alone applied over-the-top (OT) of cotton in 1995 and 1996 but was not as effective in 1997. Treatments providing effective control of morningglory all years were Command (clomazone) applied preplant soil incorporated (PPI) after bedding followed by (fb) Command plus Cotoran (fluometuron) applied preemergence (PRE) fb Buctril OT and Command PPI fb Cotoran PRE fb Buctril OT. Buctril alone OT did not effectively control slender Amaranth any year. Sequential application of Command, Cotoran, and Buctril provided excellent slender amaranth control at least 2 of 3 years. Staple OT applied after Treflan PPI fb Staple PRE (at 0.032 lb ai/A) provided effective control of slender Amaranth 2 of 3 years. When Staple was applied at 0.063 lb a.i./A following Command PRE, effective slender Amaranth control was obtained only in 1 of 3 years. Cotton stand and yield were not different with any treatment. This was due to timely applications to very small weeds preventing undue weed competition as well as the low growth habit of slender Amaranth.

Reprinted from Proceedings of the 1998 Beltwide Cotton Conferences pp. 852 - 854
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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