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Environmentally Induced Variations in Cotton Fiber Maturity and Related Yarn and Dyed Knit Defects

Judith M. Bradow, Gayle H. Davidonis, Oscar Hinojosa, Lynda H. Wartelle, Kevin J. Pratt, Kitty Pusateri, Philip J. Bauer, Bobby Fisher, Gretchen F. Sassenrath-Cole, Phiroze H. Dastoor, Ann Johnson, Juan A. Landivar, Darlene Locke, Darryl Moseley


Quantitation of fiber quality at individual boll, locule and seed levels revealed wide variations in fiber maturity, i.e., circularity, fineness, and micronAFIS, that were not evident in composite fiber-quality estimates at the bale level. Decreased fiber maturity and uniformity correlated with environmental conditions that increased the number of long-fibered motes [underweight seeds bearing normal-length fiber]. Upland fiber maturation-rate equations [derived from circularity and micronAFIS] estimated mote-fiber physical maturities to be equivalent to maturity of fibers harvested 27 to 31 days after flowering. Environmental factors that increased mote frequency or retarded fiber-wall thickening increased the number of fiber immaturity point sources within composite fiber maturity estimates. Decreased fiber maturity and uniformity related to these point sources was not apparent in composite fiber-quality estimates, but point-source variations in fiber maturity correlated with reduced dye uptake and yarn linear density. The small-sample capabilities of AFIS-F&M [Advanced Fiber Information System Fineness and Maturity module], validated by quantitation of primary:secondary cell wall ratios with x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy [Ca-XRF], was invaluable for quantitation of fiber maturity factors needed for fiber quality and processing predictors. Refinement and combination of fiber-quality models with growth-environment and fiber-processing models will allow prediction of processing defects and benefit cotton producers, processors, and consumers.

Reprinted from Proceedings of the 1996 Beltwide Cotton Conferences pp. 1279 - 1284
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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