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Effect of Nitrogen Level and Mepiquat Chloride (Pix) upon Maturity

B.J. Phipps, W.E. Stevens, J.B. Mobley, J.N. Ward


In a short season environment, measures must be taken to promote precocious maturation of the crop. Controlling the rate of nitrogen and use of a growth regulator could force cotton to slow vegetative development and ripen the bolls early. Three nitrogen rates were used, these being 40, 80, and 120 pounds per acre. Pix (mepiquat chloride) at 16 ounces per acre was applied by two methods. One 16 ounce application at early flower and a second method of 4 applications of 4 ounces each 1 week apart starting 2 weeks before flowering.

Significant differences were found in maturity due to increased nitrogen application. Yields were greatest at the 80 pound rate but not significantly. Lint percent was reduced but not significantly with the application of nitrogen. Fiber quality was not affected.

Application of Pix significantly reduced plant height, with the multiple being the most effective. The yield was increased with one application of Pix but was reduced with the multiple applications.

Reprinted from Proceedings of the 1996 Beltwide Cotton Conferences pp. 1211 - 1212
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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