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An Integrated Approach to Areawide Pink Bollworm Management in Arizona

L. Antilla, M. Whitlow, R.T. Staten, O. El Lissy, F. Myers


A multiyear areawide pink bollworm suppression program was conducted in Parker Valley, Arizona from 1990-1995. Two pheromone systems, the Shin Etsu or Mitsubishi PBW Rope and the Ecogen NoMate Attract N' Kill hollow fiber, represented the principal control components along with limited chemical insecticides. Population dynamics were monitored season long utilizing a standardized trapping program of one trap per ten acres of cotton.

Pheromone applications began annually at the six true leaf stage of cotton. During the 1990 and 1991 seasons, one rope application on 50% of the cotton acreage and four fiber/insecticide combinations were automatically applied on a 12-14 day schedule on the remaining acreage. Following 1991, the amount of rope utilized dropped progressively to zero in 1994. Fiber application protocol was modified over time from four automatic applications to treatments based exclusively on trap triggers.

A strict cultural control program of crop destruction and tillage was also instituted to reduce overwintering PBW populations. Weekly grower meetings provided updated program statistics and maintained program continuity. The six year program met or exceeded all stated objectives, namely:

1. Larval infestation rates in bolls were progressively reduced from 23.35 percent pre-program to 0.38 percent in 1995. This demonstrated the efficacy of pheromone technology. 2. The use of conventional insecticides for PBW control in Parker Valley was reduced from more than 216,000 cumulative acres treated per season pre-program to 2,047 in 1995. 3. PBW populations in bolls were maintained far below acceptable economic threshold of 5-10% through out the program. 4. The cost of PBW control was reduced from an historical average in excess of $70.00 per acre to an average of $28.33 per acre for the last three years of the program.

Reprinted from Proceedings of the 1996 Beltwide Cotton Conferences pp. 1083 - 1085
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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