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H1277 and H1560 Two New Varieties from Hartz Cotton for 1996

Jim Mitchell


H1277 is Jacob Hartz's first introduction from its own proprietary breeding program. It is an early "true" smooth leaf variety with good fiber properties and excellent Fusarium wilt tolerance. H1560 originated from the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station and was breed by Dr. Jack Jones. It joins the family of his previous releases by Hartz, H1215, H1220 and H1244. H1560 has shown excellent seedling vigor as well as Fusarium wilt tolerance. It has demonstrated superior yields in drought stress areas and on mixed to heavy soils. Fiber strength of H1560 is in the premium range.

H1277 has exhibited consistent yields over two years of testing and multiple locations, it ranks as one of its strongest attributes (Table 1, 2). H1277 was first tested in state commercial strains test in 1994. In combined comparisons from Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, H1277 out yielded DP50 2.78% (Table 3). In 1994 Hartz smooth leaf test, H1277 from ten Beltwide locations out yielded DP50 1.9% (Table 4). Compared to DP50, H1277 is 2.0 g/tex stronger in fiber and ranges from 25.5 to 28.7 g/tex. Micronaire is slightly lower to equal DP50. Gin turn out averages 2.2% higher for H1277, and produces 34 and 35 staple lengths (Table 3).

Reprinted from Proceedings of the 1996 Beltwide Cotton Conferences pp. 42 - 43
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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