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VYDATE @ C-LV Foliar Applications for Management of Reniform Nematode in the Southern U.S.

G.G. Hammes, E. I. DuPont, W.H. Mitchell


Vydate @ C-LV is the trade name for the 42% water soluble formulation of oxymyl registered on cotton or control of boll weevil, lygus, and cotton fleahopper.

Vydate @ C-LV is a moderately residual contact and systemic carbamate insecticide that controls susceptible species through inhibition of acetyl cholinesterase. The average half - life is 15 days in soil, and 3-5 days in cotton foliage.

Vydate @ C-LV has been extensively evaluated in the Southern U.S. for impact on beneficial insects and for control of economic pests. A high degree of beneficial selectivity has been documented while providing commercial control of boll weevil, lygus bugs, and cotton fleahopper.

Recently, foliar applications of Vydate @ C-LV have been evaluated for supplemental control of cotton nematodes. In the summary of nine field evaluations, two foliar applicaitons of Vydate @ C-LV applied at pinhead square and 14 days later have resulted in cotton growth response, a general trend in reduction of seasonal mean nematode populations, and increase in seedcotton yield.

A supplemental label for Vydate @ C-LV has been cleared for 1996 which expands the current cotton insect control label to include control of Reniform nematode. Vydate @ C- LV rates and timing for supplemental nematode control are the same as those currently registered for early season cotton insect management.

Further research with Vydate @ C-LV foliar applications following use of an at plant nematicide are intended for 1996 to include Reniform, Root Knot, and Columbian Lance nematodes

Reprinted from Proceedings of the 1996 Beltwide Cotton Conferences pp. 254 - 255
©National Cotton Council, Memphis TN

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