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October 2016
Overtime Rule Measure Lauded in Letter (277k pdf) 10/17/2016
The NCC, along with more than 200 other national, state and local organizations across various industries, cosigned a letter to Sen. Alexander (R-TN), chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, thanking him for introducing important legislation, the Overtime Reform and Review Act (S. 3464), that would provide significant relief from the negative impacts of the Department of Labor’s final overtime rule.
Immigration and Nationality Act Rulemaking Comments Submitted 10/14/2016
The National Cotton Council and National Cotton Ginners Association submitted comments to the Department of Justice regarding its notice of proposed rulemaking on the “Standards and Procedures for the Enforcement of the Immigration and Nationality Act.” The proposed rule threatens to impose penalties on employers far beyond what Congress ever intended or how the underlying statute has ever been applied.
Biotech Education Funding Supported (99k pdf) 10/07/2016
The NCC, along with other agriculture organizations, cosigned a letter that was sent to the chairman and ranking member of both the House and Senate appropriations committees expressing support for the $3 million in funding designated to better inform the public about the application of biotechnology to food and fiber production. <br /><br />
NCC’s Comments Support Glyphosate 10/07/2016
In comments submitted to EPA, the NCC reiterated its strong support for the re-registration of glyphosate stating that cotton tolerant to herbicides such as glyphosate has “revolutionized” cotton production.
September 2016
Coalition Letter Opposes Treasury's Proposal Regarding Estate Taxes (3mb pdf) 09/29/2016
The Family Business Coalition, of which the NCC is a member, sent a letter signed by 119 organizations to Treasury Secretary Lew opposing the Treasury Department’s proposed changes regarding Section 2704 on estate and gift tax valuation discounts.
Senators Oppose Treasury Proposal On Estate Taxes (1 mb pdf) 09/29/2016
A Sept. 29 letter signed by 41 Senators to Treasury Secretary Lew urges the withdrawal of a proposal regarding Section 2704 on estate and gift tax valuation discounts.<br /><br />
NCC Cites Need for Broad Examination of Global Fiber Markets 09/13/2016
National Cotton Council President/CEO Dr. Gary Adams says, “The U.S. decision to pursue a challenge against Chinese agricultural subsidies for grain crops reflects a growing desire in the United States and abroad to address more effectively the range of policies in major developing countries that affect agricultural markets.”
NCC Comments on EPA's Proposal “Guidance for Pesticide Registrants on Pesticide Resistance Management Labeling.” 09/02/2016
The NCC submitted comments on EPA's “Guidance for Pesticide Registrants on Pesticide Resistance Management Labeling” proposal.
NCC Comments On EPA’s Proposed “Guidance for Herbicide Resistance Management, Labeling, Education, Training, and Stewardship 09/02/2016
The NCC submitted Comments on EPA’s Proposed “Guidance for Herbicide Resistance Management, Labeling, Education, Training, and Stewardship.
August 2016
Rulemaking Notice Issued on Estate Tax (249k pdf) 08/19/2016
The Internal Revenue Service recently issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Notice of Public Hearing regarding the proposed limitations of valuation discounts that reduce the overall value of assets currently available to family-owned businesses which in turn lowers an individual’s estate and gift tax liability at death.