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The Cotton Foundation strengthens and expands markets for U.S. cotton by fostering innovative cotton research ... to find solutions to cotton problems ... technology ... to implement those solutions ... education ... to speed new research application and ... communication ... to spread information throughout cotton's production and marketing chain. Foundation-supported programs, endowments and fellowships are not covered by other public or private agencies.


Charles Parker,

Research, education and technology transfer are critically important to U.S. cotton’s competitiveness in the world marketplace. The Cotton Foundation continues to make a difference in the industry’s quest for success by supporting ongoing investigations and cutting-edge projects being conducted by some of America’s premier scientists.

The Foundation’s contributions are possible because of its faithful members. As of July 1, 2008, the beginning of the 2008-09 Foundation fiscal year, there were 66 Foundation members. Their voluntary membership dues are enabling the Foundation to direct $333,580 in support of 25 general research and education projects.

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The Cotton Foundation Reference Books Series is aimed at providing a comprehensive source of information on topics fundamental to efficient U.S. cotton production. Order books on insects, weeds, harvest management and boll weevil eradication program history.


Waterlogging-induced iron chlorosis in cotton was the subject of an article in the quarterly, on-line Journal of Cotton Science which is one of several general research projects supported by The Cotton Foundation.

Cotton Grower (Meister Publishing)
COTTON GROWER and COTTON INTERNATIONAL are the flagship publications of Meister Media Worldwide's Cotton Media Group, the world's largest provider of cotton information. Other Meister Media Worldwide products, services and events for the cotton community include COTTON GROWER PLUS targeted reports; CI WORLD REPORT, serving the global cotton chain "from boll to bobbin"; the COTTON GROWER / National Cotton Council "Millennium Grant"; the annual "Cotton Achievement Award"; the COTTON GROWER / NYBOT "Cotton Marketer of the Year Award; the Cotton International Hall of Fame; and the yearly COTTON GROWER "Beltwide Luncheon."

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