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A module cover removed from a wind tunnel is tested for water resistance.

Impact of Wind on Moisture Resistance of Module Covers

Average module storage time has increased, the ginning season has been extended and the risk of seed cotton experiencing rainfall and wind events has increased – putting even more pressure on module cover performance. Texas A&M University scientists have documented the true cost of poor protection of seed cotton in modules, and several advances have been made in both the improvement of module forming and commercial module cover performance.

Previous research also has addressed the impact of ultra-violet exposure on module covers’ moisture resistance but more needs to be learned from another primary factor on moisture resistance – wind.

Overseen by the Texas AgriLife Research, this new project is aimed at developing a relationship to predict the degradation of module cover moisture resistance as a function of wind speed, wind run and cover characteristics. A wind tunnel developed by USDA-ARS will be used to expose module cover sections to wind speeds from 35-90 mph. Knowledge gained in this project should help improve efforts to protect seed cotton in storage.

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