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Electronic Publication of the Journal of Cotton Science

The quarterly, on-line Journal of Cotton Science (JCS) is an important communications tool for the cotton scientific community – helping to keep the U.S. cotton industry competitive through ready access to multi-disciplinary research in areas ranging from agronomy to textile technology.

Available at and now in its 12th year, the JCS encourages development of science and technology and makes peer reviewed journal articles readily available. JCS manuscripts contain an abstract that explains the research’s value in layman’s terms. Published as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files for optimum versatility and access ease, JCS, which is copyrighted, was the first all-electronic journal to be indexed in AGRICOLA, the database of the National Agricultural Library. Eric F. Hequet serves as editor-in-chief.


Journal of Cotton Science
(JCS) has evolved into an important communications tool for the cotton scientific community.
The Cotton Physiology Today's distribution list grew substantially over the past year.

Enhancing Information Transfer in Cotton Production

Cotton Physiology Today(CPT), a newsletter published from 1989 to 2001 as part of the National Cotton Council’s Cotton Physiology Education Program, was re-introduced in 2007.

The monthly newsletter, which is being distributed electronically and posted on the NCC’s web site, is enhancing cotton educational programs currently in place by Extension cotton specialists. In addition, links are included to previous newsletters and to related articles in the Journal of Cotton Scienceand Beltwide Cotton Conferences’ Proceedings. At present, the CPT newsletters published from 1996-2001 also are available to members online.

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